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MBC Gayo Daejun Show. ~

December 31, 2009

This is the first hour of the show. ^__^

Credits~: Thanks to ELFZONE @ Youtube for uploading.~

Part 1~

Part 2~

Part 3~

Part 4~

Part 5~


SHINee MBC Gayo Daejun Performances~

December 31, 2009

SHINee Performances~

– Ring Ding Dong (remix)

– Juliette (ft KARA)

Credits: my2PMbabiies @ Youtube // as tagged in video (

Okay, this one caused some “talk” between the SHINee Worlds about the couples and such. Check out below::

Onew X Seung Yeon. ~> Apparently they were the most “inappropriate, and Seung Yeon touched his face. They said that they had the most skinship.

Jonghyun X Guri. ~> Again, a lot of touching, his hand was on her shoulder a lot of the times, also he leaned on her many times like a kissing pose. o_O

Taemin X Hara. [personal jealousy with anyoone who is paired up with Taeminny. >3< ] ~> Fans say that there was again, a lot of touching, like hip.  [lawl..makes more more jealous. xDDDDD]

Key X Nicole ~> Fans say that his was as bad as Onew, and a lot of touching. Apparently, Nicole’s legs were in between Key’s legs. o_O Some fans says that his was the most “inappropriate”.

Minho X Jiyoung ~> Nothing really bad. They say that this pair was the most normal, and also fans weren’t paying attention to them. [LOOOL]

So apparently according to fans, there was a lot of touching.

Fans Rank on the most inaproriate:: Jonghyun, Onew + Key, Taemin

Personal Respond to performance:

So, what do you think? Personally, I don’t think it was as bad as the fans say. [but I am jealous over Taemin. xDDDDD] Like, I guess we should understand that this is a dance,and you can’t actually dance with a girl without some skin contact. I actually is kinda..okay with it? [eheheh..after watching G-dragon at  his concert…>____<] I guess it’s okay for us to be jealous ….(which I am. xDD) but to be in a good way. Like, don’t hate a certain KARA member because they were dancing with like Taemin or someone else and there was skin contact. [personally, I like Hara, she’s so pretty. >___< ] I actually find the performance good, despite the fact of my jealousy..haha.but hey, both groups did an awesome job.!~ But yeah, overall not too bad.


KBS Gayo Daejun Perfomances.~

December 30, 2009

Again, another amazing show with ..of course SHINee in it. Kekekek~ ❤

SHINee Performances~

SHINee Opening~

Gahh~ Key and Minho look so good in white suits!! !~~~ I wished all of them wore white suits….>W<

SHINee ~> Just Dance

Hehehe~ This performace kinda surpirsed me for some reason. … because at first I was like…”what is Taemin wearing? O__o” But they sure did an awesome job in making me “replay” the video again and again. xD Teehee~ Key’s english is awesome. :] He~ and I really liked Taemin‘s little line. >W<

– SHINee, 2PM, KARA, SNSD, BEG, SJ ~> 2009 Popular Dance Songs.

I was kinda disappointed with this…why didn’t they do “Ring Ding Dong”!!!~ >___<

– Jonghyun + Kimtaewoo ~> Beat It.

Jonghyun‘s voice is AMAZING! The high note was just..awesome!!

– SNSD, SJ, SHINee ~> Smooth Criminal

This performance is a favourite of my favourites. xDD Taemin’s part melted me. xDD

– Onew, K.will, SJ Yesung, and Kara ~> Heal The World

Kekeke~ So happy that Onew got to perform!~ His voice is so beautiful!~ ❤

SHINee ~> Ring Ding Dong (Remix)

Can never get enough of this song.!~ >W<

credits: WeaReShining02

Other Favourite Performances~

– 4Minute ~> Billie Jean

2PM ~> Dangerous

2PM ~> Boom Boom Pow

KARA ~> Son Of A Gun

SNSD ~> Rhythm Nation

– SNSD + Brown Eyed Girls + Davichi ~> I’ll be there.

SNSD ~> Gee

– Brown Eyed Girls ~> Abracadabra

2NE1 ~> Fire

KARA ~> Mister

2PM – Heartbeat, I Hate You, Tired of Waiting

Super Junior ~> Sorry Sorry

Credits~ Allkpop

Personally, I liked yesterday’s performances better….but hey, this one is still good. :]


SBS Gayo Daejun Performances!~ <3

December 29, 2009

I find that this year’s performances was fabulous!~~

Kekekeke~ I love SHINee‘s performances. ❤ Honestly, in an unbiased manner, can I say that they are all so HOT! >W<

SHINee’s Performances. ~

– Juliette (acoustic ver.) and Ring Ding Dong (remix ver.) [SHINee]

I really LOVE this version! So awesome. !! ❤ Ehehehehe~ I died seeing Taemin sleeping, and Key waking him him by …you’ll see. xDDDD  Too bad that Minho didn’t get to be in the little intro. ><

Jonghyun‘s voice cracked a little…but HIS VOICE IS JUST PLAIN AMAZING! ❤ Gaha~ I’m saying this again but…Taemin is so cuteeee~ and hot. ..and so is Onew, Key, Jonghyun and Minho!~ Heh. there was actually no point in writing the whole SHINee out but…you get the point don’t cha? ;]

– SHINee and Super Junior – GEE. [SHINee ~Taemin & Minho]

Minho singing Yuri’s part.  Why is Taemin so pretty. -__-” Heechul just makes me laugh. >W< I think they did an awesome job. ;]

Look at Taemin’s jump at 1:29. That’s one big jump. O___O

I SAY GEE! YOU SAY CHICKEN! ~ Hahahah..Heechul. xDDD

– Super Junior+SHINee+MBLAQ – MUZIK + Mister [SHINee ~ Key]

Hehehe~ Key is so fierce singing Muzik. ❤

For Your Love and Gone [K.Will and SHINee’s Jonghyun ]

F(x)’s Performances. ~

– Chu ~ ♡ with Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae + Magic

Kekeeke~ I loved Amber’s rapping. >W<

Ring Ding Dong. [f(x)‘s Sulli and Luna and Kara’s Hara and …]

I really liked this. Sulli is just so adroable.~ and I personally find that this dance is hard. -__-. [Personal experiences]

Sorry, Sorry. [f(x)‘s Amber and Krystal and SNSD]

keke~ I think they all did an awesome job. Esp, Amber {being biased again…} the hand part was amazing. ^__^

Personal Favourite Performaces~

– Male Rookie Showdown~ MBLAQ & BEAST

I personally think that the fight in the beginning was pretty…ehh…epic? xD but the dancing was awesome. ^__^

2PM – Bo Peep Bo Peep

2PM, 2AM and BEAST – Sign

2PM – Thriller

Beast and MBLAQ – Dangerous

– Beat it

– G-Dragon – Heartbreaker and Gossip Men.

Gahahaa~ GD’s beatboxing!~ ❤ Hehe~ Glad to have his hair back to black…the little bowl cut us so cute. >W<

– G-Dragon and Taeyang – slow version of Lie and Korean Dream.

Hehehe~ Baby GD and Taeyang. >W<

Kara, 4minute and After School -Heartbeat.

I find this pretty good. O__O

– After School – Because of You (remix ver.)

Even though I’m not a fan of After School, but I’m quite addicted to Because of You. It have been on repeat for a while on my Mp3. ;]

– Kara – Honey and Same Heart.

I have to say that the hair surprised me a little, but the performance was defiantly cute. I really like the background, very sweet. ^__^

– 2NE1 – uniform version of I Don’t Care and Fire.

and How can we forget about 2PM’s, You’re Beautiful Parody!!~?


Credits:: Allkpop, monmonsnowHD.

Kekekeke~ I wish I can be there in live. >3< but, really…awesome performances.!!!~ ^___^


Merry Christmas!!~ <3

December 26, 2009

Wahh~ Christmas already. For some odd reason, December is just flying by. O__O” Days are going by so fast, and I have to say that semester 1 was pretty quick too. -___-” ..gahh…exams..I don’t want to study. T^T..meh…let’s not think about such horrible things on Christmas. Here is something to share to you guys. ^__^

I though the chibi version of Big Bang is just too adorable, so I added little speech bubbles also. xDDD


Gahaa~ Taemin and Key are too cute. >W<

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Merry New Year!~~..wait..Happy New Year. xD


Key’s mistake? :3

December 19, 2009

Lol~ This is just too adorable. >W<

Credits:: randy19975

Key’s expression is just priceless. and too cute.~ and so Onew’s -point and laugh- is just…so..cuteee!! xDDDDDD

This is what happened.

Credits:: Allkpop.

For the opening ceremony of SM Entertainment’s music experience store, “Everysing”, SHINee and F(x) were invited to attend. ^^

As you have seen through the short video, you see that cutie Key accidentally sign the table, instead of the frame that he was suppose to for his hand print wall art.

The other SHINee members, along with F(x) members all laughed at Key‘s mistake. xDD

“I wonder what the heck Key hyung is doing…”

“Gotta look at Taemin’s.. I’m not sure what to do”

“What the…”

“OH… $HIT!”

“I hope nobody notices…”
“Haha.. look at what Key hyung did… >_<“

“What the hell is this…”

[Lol~~ just like..*stare stare*…xDD]

“AHAHAHA MY STOMACH HURTS… Why did Key oppa sign the table?”

[Hehee~ Krystal’s expression is so cute. xDD]

I would love to have a table with Key’s autograph on it, it would for sure make my meals more tasty. 😛


Jojo ~ SHINee on Music Bank

December 19, 2009

Tehee~ Latley I got really into SHINee. >W< I always like them, but now they are another group that I’m obsessed with. …just like FT Island. ^.^

Kekek~ FT Island and SHINee are friends. ;]

Jojo ~ SHINee @ Music Bank

Credits:: Babochorom4

Jojo ~ SHINee @Inkigayo

Credits:: TheAMFSandy

I’m currently in love with this song. >W< After Ring Ding Dong promotions ended, I was so glad that they are promoting JoJo now, a song also from their mini-album 2009, Year Of Us.


Taemin ish just too cute~~ ❤

He can be just adorable….

(Dubu [Onew] is just adorable is this pictureee~~ <33)

Heee~ Taemin can be very hot. LOOK!

Now don’t you agree? >W< *insert fangirl squeal*.



Happy Birthday Lee Jaejin Oppa!!!!~~

December 17, 2009


It’s Jaejin’s 19th birthdayy~~ >W<

Hope Jaejin have the most awesome on the awesome Birthday. ;](hope this makes sense. xDD)


Lol~ the cute goat. >W< (Jaejin’s nick name”

Wow. The boys are growing up so fast. >< Remember when they first debuted their average ages was like, 17. Teehee~ They are all growing up, and getting hotter. ;]

Since it’s Jaejinny’s birthday, I’ll share some Jaejin pics from my collection. xDDDDDDD

Gahahhh~ He’s too cute. >W<


Lacha lachatataaa~~ Early Release Dayy~~ !!

December 8, 2009


Today was an early release day at my school.!~  I came  home early and no one was home. o__O Heheee~ So I blasted my music loud and sang my little heart out, good thing that I didn’t break any glass. xD ….I also decided to dance a little,  I put on “Lachata ~ F(x)” and thought that I can learn the dance steps to it, because it’s just such an addictive song, and I love the dance steps!!!!~~. ^___^

Turns out that it was harder than I thought it would be. -___-” Well, to begin with, I’m not a dancing type of person.**sighhh** So, I found it hard and I was really confused. xDDD F(x) are such good dancers. I just went back to sitting in front of the computer to watch F(x) dance it instead. Kekekkekekekeeeeeeeee~ xD

But I yes, I really want to dance to “Lachata” one day. …one day. >__>

Credits:: SnsdMihmai


FT Triple, Yonna (SNSD) , Kim Tae Woo celerbrates …anniversary of..

December 6, 2009

Spongebob Squarepants.!!

Yes. They are…you haven’t read it wrong.

Credits Allkpop:

“Nickelodeon is preparing a very special episode to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Spongebob Squarepants. Never thought I’d be writing about an article about Spongebob on allkpop but anything goes.

The 30 episodes of Spongebob will be played in two weeks. Ten episodes will be chosen by celebrities, ten will be picked by kids, and the rest will be never before seen episodes.

The stars that have chosen the 10 episodes are, SNSD’s Yoona, F.T.Triple, Secret, Kim Tae Woo, and Yoo Seung Ho. Those episodes chosen by the stars will also include clips of the stars talking about why they love the episode. For those of you that don’t know, Spongebob is a popular kids show in the United States, but I’m surprised that it is so well known in Korea as well.”
Teeehee~ I always loved watching Spongebob.. xD  I want to watch spongebob with FT Triple. ..PFFT ..I bet all Primadonnas wanna too. xP I wonder which episode they would pick. 😛

I’m surprised that spongebob is that popular in Korea as well. ^^

LOL~ I was going through my “Minhwan Picture” file, and found this picture. XD