Jojo ~ SHINee on Music Bank

December 19, 2009

Tehee~ Latley I got really into SHINee. >W< I always like them, but now they are another group that I’m obsessed with. …just like FT Island. ^.^

Kekek~ FT Island and SHINee are friends. ;]

Jojo ~ SHINee @ Music Bank

Credits:: Babochorom4

Jojo ~ SHINee @Inkigayo

Credits:: TheAMFSandy

I’m currently in love with this song. >W< After Ring Ding Dong promotions ended, I was so glad that they are promoting JoJo now, a song also from their mini-album 2009, Year Of Us.


Taemin ish just too cute~~ ❤

He can be just adorable….

(Dubu [Onew] is just adorable is this pictureee~~ <33)

Heee~ Taemin can be very hot. LOOK!

Now don’t you agree? >W< *insert fangirl squeal*.


One comment

  1. ilove you ….. shinee
    ilove you taemin
    ilove you minho

    i hope you always be successful

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