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FT Island makes a comeback!!~

August 27, 2010

FT Island FIGHTING! ♥ >W< Omg. I’m so happy! I already preordered their single on Yesasia!!
Remember to support FT Island by purchasing their single! ^^

Love Love Love – FT Island (100827)

Credits: hongstar26

Since this episode of Music Bank was broadcasted in 57 countries (I WAS SO MAD! I couldn’t watch it! T__T ) You can see the Primadonnas from Hong Kong giving our FT Island boys support!
LOL~ when I first watched the video was I was like..OMG HONG KONG! =D

Seunghyun‘s rap is so sexy! LOL. xPP Hongki’s voice never disappoints me….and JAEJIN! Minhwan needs more cam time. T__T I think I’m liking Jonghun‘s hair..better than the blonde. xD But…Hongki‘s hair. T__T



FT Island releases “Love Love Love” MV! ♥

August 25, 2010

Today is too awesome. >W<

Love Love Love – FT Island MV

Credits: ftisland


FT Island releases Beautiful Journey! ♥ [updated]

August 24, 2010


*can’t talk too excited*

Calluses Being Stuck…

Baby Love

Don Quixote’s Song

Credits: Allkpop


You’re the Crazy One

So happy! ^_______^

Omg. Jaejin ah! Your hair! T_________T
I have to get used to it. ><


FT Island releases Comeback teaser “Love Love Love” ♥

August 23, 2010


Credits: ftisland @youtube

I miss them so much!! >W<

Hmm~ Interesting teaser. FT island are puppets? Fire? Omg. I’m soo excited now! >W< The beginning of the teaser reminded me of some music box lol, and then with Hongki‘s singing, it sounds like they are back to their old sad ballads again?? >W< =D

KYAA~ So excted! ♥_______♥


FT Island releases comeback single name and picture! ♥

August 18, 2010

Omg. Omg. Omg.

It’s been said that FT Island‘s comeback single would be Beautiful Journey. ♥ and they recenlty released their picture for their coming second mini single~

From Allkpop

On the 18th, the boys revealed their album cover photo which can be viewed above. The teaser for their upcoming music video will be revealed on the 23rd, followed by the release of their mini-album and music video on the 25th. The album will sell offline starting on the 26th.

FNC Music stated, “Throughout the year of FT Island’s absence, they were able to learn more things to perform even better. Their new music will be very diverse, and fans will be able to see a more mature side of the group.”

We Primadonnas have been waiting for so long! >W< Omg. *spazes*

Kekeke~ I can see Jaejin! ♥ I have to say…in the picture, Seunghyun‘s pose is so sexy. xDD
I love guys in suites ! >W<

I wonder if their song is gonna be their romantic ballads like “After Love” or something more upbeat and happy like “I Hope”? :3
I really want them to sing those sad touching ballads again. >W<
BUT all well I love whatever Hongki sings and whatever FT island preforms. ^^

Mark your calenders Primadonnas! FT ISLAND ISH COMING BACKK! ♥♥


FT Island releases “Treasure” MV! <3

July 14, 2010

After the MV/PV of  “Brand New Day” FT Island is back with another one!! This time, they released the MV/PV for the song “Treasure”. ^_^

Check it out!

Credits: ying1008ying @youtube

Wah! Jaejin! So good looking. ;D

I really like this MV. It gives back that…FT Island vibeish. xDD I’m glad that everyone gets to sing. Seunghyun is singing! He should sing more. His voice is really beautiful. ^^

They all are looking very nice! Minhwan put on a smexy earring. ;DDD

FT Island Fighting ah! >w<


FT Island releases Full “Brand New Day” PV! <3

July 3, 2010

Omg Omg Omg~

-*fangirl moment- *

After the success of “Flower Rock”, FT Island recently just released their full PV (or MV) for their newest Japanese song, “Brand New Day”.

Brand New Day – FT Island

Credits: Miink10 @ youtube

Omo~ I love it. :3 But, I don’t know why…I think that it’s time for Hongki to dye his hair back to black or brown. >< I like his hair more that way. Whatever, I still like him. ^__^ I’m very happy to see that Seunghyun gets to sing too. ^^ Minhwan is looking cute as usual. ❤ and Jonghun is just so…perfect looking!! X3

JAEJIN AHHHHHHHHH~ ♥♥♥♥♥ your voice makes me melt. *__*


Happy 3rd Anniversary FT Island!!! <3

June 7, 2010

Omo~! 3 Years alreadyy!!!! >W<


Remember their debut stage 3 years ago??? >W<

Wah! It seems like such a long time ago!!!! The boys have sure came a long way! They have matured a lot!! ^_^

But hey, who doesn’t miss their little cute flower boy image?? >W< Don’t these pictures bring back memories? >////////<

Us Primadonnas would always be there to support you FT Island!! ❤



FT Island Releases “Flower Rock” Music Video PV!!!!!~

April 29, 2010

Yes yes. FT Island finally released the PV for their song, “Flower Rock”.

The new Single, “Flower Rock”, will be released on 19 May 2010.

Check it out!!~

Credits: jinnienomuyeppo02 @youtube

Jaejin’s voice. ♥

Omg. When I saw this video, I died. xDDD I was so happy that I screamed. >W<

When I first watched it and saw Hongki come out of the van, I was in total shock for a second.


Then I saw the other FT Island members in disguise as workers. I was so realived.  They all look so funny in their disguise. Minhwan and Jonghyun’s disguise made me laugh so hard. xD LOOOL at Jaejin‘s afro wig. When they got to the point when they took off their disguise, man oh mann Jonghyun was good looking. Minhwan’s drumming at 1:14 is adorable. xDD and I died at 3:00 when Minhwan was spinning his drumstick. xDD

I really love their style/image. Better than their “I Hope” days in my opinion. Jaejin and Minhwan are looking fantastic. >W< Hehe~ Seunghyun is cute. xD

I’m liking the song too~ Very rock compared to FT Island’s other songs. ~ ^__^

Lool~ The ending to the PV/MV is adorable. xDD Minhwan’s face at the end is just plain adorable. >W<


I wish them best of luck ont heir debut next month! (very soon!!)
FT Island FIGHTING!!!  ♥♥♥♥


FT Island Flower Rock + Pictures! ~ <3

April 2, 2010

FT Island will be debuting in Japan under Warner Music Japan.

They will be releasing a new Japanese album, Flower Rock. ^__^

Omg. I cannot wait. and seeing these pictures below, I am very anxious and excited for their new album!

Kakakka~ Look at the pictures! You can tell that the boys are all grown up and are getting more good looking day by day!!~ >W<

Flower Rock Official Pictures

Credits : ftisland + shyssh@Silh0uette + Hwanniefti11 for reuploading

Please take with Credits. =]

I think Minhwan looks gorgeous!!!!~Jaejin too~  Aiyaa~ So hot! >W<Lol~ They all do. xD

I’m liking their style and image for this album a lot.! Nothing too funky, very fresh and good looking. ^_____^

Fighting guys! ^^