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Taeyang – I”ll Be There

August 19, 2010

Oh my! I think  I’m loving the MV! 😀

SHIRTLESS TAEYANG I like it. 🙂 The song is getting on me, and the MV really gave me the chills. :O Taeyang is just…cool and amazing! :3

Goshy~ I miss Big bang a lot now. can’t wait for their comeback! >W<

What do you awesome people think? :3


Taeyang’s I Need A Girl MV Released.~

July 1, 2010

Ahhh~~ It seems like Taeyang is back with another song for us. ^__^

I Need A Girl – Taeyang (ft G-dragon)

Credits: LuvRayda4eva @youtube

I find the MV to be pretty cute! ^_^ Dara is cute. Esp the part with the teddy bear.

OMG! SHIRTLESS TAEYANG = Nosebleed Taeyang is hot. =)

Heheheh~ I can’t stop watching GD’s part. ♥

“I love girls, girls i’ll do adore”

People say it’s the same line in SE7VEN’s song, Girl. XD

At first when I heard the song yesterday, I didn’t really got into it. But, now with the MV…I LOVE THE SONG! It’s so relaxing. >w<