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U-Kiss’s MV Teaser released!~

January 31, 2010

Credits:: 23kwon@youtube


U-Kiss’s newest album, which will drop in stores on February 3rd, will carry the song, Bingeul Bingeul (빙글빙글).

Hohooo~ Those tattoos and eyeliner are melting me. xDDDDD

I can’t wait for their full MV and comebackk. ❤

Dongho. ❤


SHINee’s Taemin would give a kiss to….?

January 31, 2010

His girl friends.

Kekekek~ After reading the article on Allkpop, I got super jealous of his friends. XDDD

From Allkpop::

SHINee’s Taemin revealed his feelings about friends of the opposite sex on SBS Shin Dong Yup’s 300. Both Onew and Taemin were guests on the show that aired earlier today. One of the questions asked was, “Can you kiss a friend of the opposite sex?”

Taemin answered “yes” and said, “In my opinion, that’s fine.” [Taemin ahhh!~ Can I be your friend! >W<]

Then Onew said, “I’m not sure. I would have to go out with the person. That’s kind of hard to imagine.” Shin Dong Yup joked around and asked, “If you went out with her then it’d even be possible to kiss her in elementary school?” To this Onew replied, “I guess so?[Loool]

Taemin’s answer was correct and he added, “Kids these days are like that.” Onew said in response, “Kids are scary.”

Part 1::

Part 2::

Part 3::

Hehehehehee~ Onew we aren’t scary. Why are you so cute? xD

Taemin Oppa, you’re too adroable. I bet after you saying that, more crazey fans would want to come closer to you. xDDDDD [that includes me…] Those lucky girl friends on Taemin, heh not only they are a friend to such an adorable and talented boy, he doesn’t mind giving a kiss to you. >W< *is jealous*  Tamin Oppa, Can me be your new friend?? xDDD

Well, in my opinion I guess it’s okay for me to give a tiny kiss on the cheek to my close guy friends. [and this is not biased opinion because of what Taemin said. xDD] Like, I think it’s just a tiny show of how friendly we are…it’s like giving them a hug. I treat someof my friends like my siblings, isn’t it fine to give a kiss to your sibling? xP

*insert Kiss – Sandara Park* Heheheeee


CN Blue first Muztizen Award! <3

January 31, 2010

Wah! Congratualtions to them! ^__^

Credits:: SBS, KpopFun2 @youtube

“And out of the nominees, 5 of the seven performed this afternoon with CNBLUE for I’m a Loner, BEAST for Mystery, SeeYa + Davichi + T-ara for Wonder Woman, Hyuna for Change and 2AM for Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die. Jokwon + Ga-In and T-ara did not perform.”

Hehehe~ I’m very happy for them. They are so far doing a very good job as rookies. >W<

Gah~ Minhyuk is too cute with the flowers. >W<

Fighting. :3


SNSD (Girls’ Genereation) ‘s Comeback on Music Core!~~

January 31, 2010

I think they did an amazing job! Wonderful comeback. ^__^

They performed Show Show Show! and Oh!.

Credits:: sanjukt @youtube

Personally, I like the song Oh! more than Show Show Show. I don’t really like their hair in Show Show Show, but I’m always amazed and envy them that they can dance so good in such high heels. I can hardly jump in 3 inch high heels..O_O I really like Oh!’s performance. ^__^ really cheerful and good.

They’re so pretty. >3< *is jealous*


Minhwan dancing to Rainism?!!~

January 27, 2010

Oh. My Geeeeee!~~

Minhwan Dancing to Rainism – Men’s Stories In Busan~

Credits:: trandimehoa @youtube

*fangirl squeal*

Aigooo!~ I can’t believe my eyes! Minhwannie! You have been hiding that talent from us for how long!!????? I never knew that Minhwan can dance!! >W<  Omg. He grown up so much!! That cute image is gone. >.< I actually really miss those cute images times of FT Island. Well, I guess you can’t be cute forever. >.> BUT MINHWAN IS HOT! ….xDDD

Lol~ People always said that Minhwan looks kinda like Rain (Bi) . xD

Comparing to his other solo stages at FT Island concerts, this stage was the hottest one. xDDD His other ones were drumming. >W<

Their First Concert. ~

Awww~ He’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!~

and then now, he performs singing with the piano!~ ❤

Credits:: eowyssh @youtube


Minhwannie! You have so many talents! >W<

But the funny thing is that when FT Island first debuted, Wonbin, Hongki and Jonghun were similar ages to what Minhwan is now. [About 18-19 of age] and them being 18, they had their cute image, while now when Minhwan is now 18 [Korean age] he’s in a more of a grown up look? xDD I don’t know, I just find this a little funny. ^^

LOOOOL~ This was in their “Rock Prince” Concert, where they were dancing to “So Hot – Wonder Girls“. xDDDDD

Kekekek~ ❤ I really miss this image of him, but ….I don’t mind his hot look now. ;]

Aiyechaaa~ Minhwan Oppa!~ I lubb youuu~ xDDD FIGHTING!


SNSD’s Oh! MV Released!! ~

January 27, 2010

Check it out.! ~

Credits:: sment @youtube

All I have to say is that, I’m addicted to this song. O__O Like, honestly this song is not as good as “Gee”. but…somehow I’m really addicted to it. xDDD

The ending of the MV was very interesting. Heh. the dark side of SNSD. xDDD Maybe there would be a continuation to a different song? Because if it was another version of Oh! in that kind of style, I don’t think it would fit very well..don’t cha thing? xD

I’m not a very big fan of SNSD or any of the members, but they have very beautiful legs. >W< I wish I have a hot body like they do.. and even though I’m not a fan of Jessica either, she looks so much like a Barbie doll! So pretty!!! she’s gorgeous.!. [and I don’t care about all the plastic surgery rumors and such…] No wonder so many boys go gaga over SNSD. xDDD


U-Kiss’s Without You!~~

January 27, 2010

those are some hot abs!!~

Well, after Man Man Ha Ni, looks like U-kiss is coming back with their first full length album, “Only One”. It would be available for digital download on January 27, and the album would be in stores on February 3rd. According to Allkpop, U-kiss haven’t set a comeback date yet.

Without You is the the song that they will be promoting. ^__^

I have to say, this song is very addictive. >w<It’s already on repeat.

This is the track list for “Only One”.

2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Credits:: Allkpop

To be honest, I got really interested in U-Kiss by seeing Dongho from Maknae Rebellion. xDD


SHINee Hello Baby Episode 2!!!~ <3

January 26, 2010

It’s finally Tuesday, meaning that Hello Baby is OUT! ^^

I’m suppose to be studying for my math and music exam right now, but I’m haveing a huge headache..and SHINee always cures me. xDD

Part 1::

Part 2::

Part 3::

Part 4::

Part 5::

Part 6::

credits: spodocskpark5@youtube

Take with credits okie? :3

Gahhaa~ *dies*…. Too cute. >W<


FT Island staff robbed??!~

January 25, 2010

Oh my geeee!!~

“F.T. Island’s staff members were robbed of personal items on the 23rd at their concert.

F.T.Island was performing for their Pusan concert and did not end things well. Their company stated, “At the Pusan concert, while the dancers were on stage, money, cell phones, and the make up box disappeared. We called the police but right now we are in Seoul.””

From::  Allkpop

How can people do such things. T__T

No matter what they stole, it’s still a big no no. Personally, I hate people who steal. I just  hope that those weren’t crazy fans that stole just to get celeb’s numbers. -__-” That is just low.

but, FT Island & staff members! GOOD LUCK for future concerts and..FIGHTING! <33


SHINee Goodbye Stage as 4. ~

January 24, 2010

On Music Core today, SHINee said their farewell to us as 4, concluding their Ring Ding Dong and Jojo performances.

Credits:: RandomRinnie2 @youtube

As you can easily tell, Key is not there. The reason is that Key‘s grandmother had passed away recently [2 days ago] and he is attesting her funeral. ><It’s seems so different without Key, like…Jonghyun and Taemin and Minho were singing Key‘s parts.

This is really really sad for Key since he was raised by his grandmother and they both shared a really close bond.



This is really sad. Like, even just hearing about this touches my heart because I can relate to what Key is feeling. For me, in 3 years I lost 3 of my most close elders of mine. T___T Even though for me, we live across the whole world, but the phone calls and their love for me was enough for me to feel that they actually love me. [I’m not making much sense but…I hope you get the point. >< ] Like, when I lost them one by one, I was just…too sad. Even right now, when I sometimes think about the times we have spent together, the talks we had, I would cry. and now that I grown up, I really regret that when I was young, I used to find their phone calls annoying. I know that my grandparent’s wishes was for me to focus on my studies and be a good child when I was younger, they will tell me this everytime they call us. I used to find it kinda weird and annoying. But, Now, I would never receive another call from them….ever.I want to hear them tell me those words again. I really miss them. I really do.

Sorry for such a depressing rant, it’s just that what happened to Key brought back many memories of mine. >___< and I’m feeling really depressed right before my birthday. O__O

We send our condolences & wishes to Key and his family at this time. KEY BE STRONG!!