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SHINee’s Top Ten Songs of all!~

August 3, 2010

I recently just saw an article about this. ^^

Here’s the list!!~


Credits: Daum & Daily Kpop News

Kekeke~ Ring Ding Dong. I love ALL SHINee’s songs. ^__^ ♥

But I was expecting “Replay” to be in the list!! That song is the song that made me love SHINee, that song is the song that I have to listen everyday, that song is just..awesome! xDD

All well, SHINee’s songs are all good. xDD

So what do you  guys think about the list?? ^^


SHINee wins Award in Singapore!~

March 15, 2010

Yes yes, SHINee’s second visit to Singapore is another sucess. ^^

The SHINee members received and won the New Generation Artiste award.!~

With over 10 000 fans cheering, SHINee performed 3 songs. Replay, Jojo and Ring Ding Dong.



Ring Ding Dong

Taemin‘s thunderbolt necklace is the necklace that he wore in his debut days during the “Replay MV”…~ ^__^

Teehee~ This brings back memories. >W<

omg. my jaw almost dropped seeing Taemin wearing a sleeveless. XD

Replay MV

Credits: KY00MiN @youtube


SHINee Goodbye Stage as 4. ~

January 24, 2010

On Music Core today, SHINee said their farewell to us as 4, concluding their Ring Ding Dong and Jojo performances.

Credits:: RandomRinnie2 @youtube

As you can easily tell, Key is not there. The reason is that Key‘s grandmother had passed away recently [2 days ago] and he is attesting her funeral. ><It’s seems so different without Key, like…Jonghyun and Taemin and Minho were singing Key‘s parts.

This is really really sad for Key since he was raised by his grandmother and they both shared a really close bond.



This is really sad. Like, even just hearing about this touches my heart because I can relate to what Key is feeling. For me, in 3 years I lost 3 of my most close elders of mine. T___T Even though for me, we live across the whole world, but the phone calls and their love for me was enough for me to feel that they actually love me. [I’m not making much sense but…I hope you get the point. >< ] Like, when I lost them one by one, I was just…too sad. Even right now, when I sometimes think about the times we have spent together, the talks we had, I would cry. and now that I grown up, I really regret that when I was young, I used to find their phone calls annoying. I know that my grandparent’s wishes was for me to focus on my studies and be a good child when I was younger, they will tell me this everytime they call us. I used to find it kinda weird and annoying. But, Now, I would never receive another call from them….ever.I want to hear them tell me those words again. I really miss them. I really do.

Sorry for such a depressing rant, it’s just that what happened to Key brought back many memories of mine. >___< and I’m feeling really depressed right before my birthday. O__O

We send our condolences & wishes to Key and his family at this time. KEY BE STRONG!!


Inkigayo Performances~ SHINee + 2PM Goodbye Stage. ><

January 17, 2010

So as said in the title, SHINee and 2PM bid goodbye to us both ending their promotions for Ring Ding Dong, Jojo and Heartbeat, Tired of Waiting.

SHINee’s Goodbye Stage :: Jojo and Ring Ding Dong

Credits:: chinitiboy @youtube

Even though Jojo didn’t win any awards like Ring Ding Dong, I’m really in love with the song. xDD *sigh*..I’m glad and sad [haha that rhymes] that SHINee is ending their promotions. It means that they can finally get some rest. and and…it means that us fans have to wait until their next comeback. Some people say that they might comeback during the summer or maybe earlier…but what I have to say is that it they comeback in the summer, then I sense some competition. Because Big Bang is coming back in the summer. =P

2PM ‘s Goodbye Stage :: Heartbeat and Tired of Waiting

Credits:: bwmo4 @youtube

*sigh* no more heartbeating for now. V__V But I’m patiently waiting for their comeback also. >W< AS YOU SEE, THERE IS A BLACK SPOT WHERE JEABEOM IS SUPPOSE TO BE! in the beginning  <33 ^__^

Of course with goodbye stages, there are debuts! ^___^

C.N Blue Debuts I’m A Loner on Inkigayo!~

Credits:: TheKin11 @youtube

Ahhh~ All I can say is…it’s another fantastic performance. :] Minhyuk!~ ❤

ZE:A Mazeltov ::

Credits:: dkpopnews @youtube

Personally, they’re not that bad. =] The song is okay to me, it’s something that I can remember clearly since the english in it was quite interesting. xD They named all 7 days of the week. ^^Not bad.

HyunAh’s Change ::

I have to say…she’s hot. xDDD And that’s coming from a girl. ~ Change is definatly a very addicting song. but it took me 3 listens to actually like the song. xDDD

T-ara Bo Peep Bo Peep to their 3rd winning!~

Well, T-ara wins a triple crown on Inkigayo with their catchy Bo Peep Bo Peep song. Hehe~ I’m quite happy for them because this song is very catchy and addicting and I find the dance very unique. The paws. xD


Jojo ~ SHINee on Music Bank

December 19, 2009

Tehee~ Latley I got really into SHINee. >W< I always like them, but now they are another group that I’m obsessed with. …just like FT Island. ^.^

Kekek~ FT Island and SHINee are friends. ;]

Jojo ~ SHINee @ Music Bank

Credits:: Babochorom4

Jojo ~ SHINee @Inkigayo

Credits:: TheAMFSandy

I’m currently in love with this song. >W< After Ring Ding Dong promotions ended, I was so glad that they are promoting JoJo now, a song also from their mini-album 2009, Year Of Us.


Taemin ish just too cute~~ ❤

He can be just adorable….

(Dubu [Onew] is just adorable is this pictureee~~ <33)

Heee~ Taemin can be very hot. LOOK!

Now don’t you agree? >W< *insert fangirl squeal*.