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Dae Guk Nam Ah releases teaser #2!~ <3

February 28, 2010

After the the first teaser, seems like Dae Guk Nam Ah releases another one !! >W<

Credits:: enchanteDNA @youtube

“This second teaser moves from the red carpet to a few different shooting sets, and features each member doing his own thing – Jay dances, Hyun Min plays the piano, Mi Ka records in a studio, In Jun plays the drums, and Ka Ram writes in his diary?…lyrics?? xDD

I think I’m in love with Jay and KaRam. ❤ *melts*…..they are gorgeous. >3<

After the two teasers, I’m starting to really like this new boy group. ^__^

Kekekekkeeeeeee~ This is like the third time I said this but, I CANT WAIT!! >W<


Dae Guk Nam Ah releases teaser!~ <3

February 28, 2010

Ja jaaa~

Days are coming closer to the boys’ debut timee~~

Check out their teaser::

Credits:: DNA Kingdom Prince @youtube

Wow.. These boys are gorgeous. >W< The debut song seems to be a slow ballad….I likey. XDD

Can’t wait! ^.^


BEAST teases us with Shock!~

February 27, 2010

Jaa~ Are you excited already with the pictures?? xDD

Here, check out the teaserr!~

Credits:: B2STalert02 @youtube

Teehee~ Don’t you think that the teaser is “hot” in both ways? >W<

Another group to anticipate for. >W< !!!~


Dae Guk Nam Ah to debut Soon!!!!!~

February 26, 2010

New boyband, Dae Guk Nam Ah has scheduled to debut on Mnet M! Countdown next Thursday on March 4!!!

This is their schedule. ^^

March 3rd (Wed) – 4:00PM DaeGukNamA Showcase
March 4th (THU) – Mnet Countdown
March 5th (FRI) – KBS MusicBank
March 6th (SAT) – MBC MusicCore
March 7th (SUN) – SBS Inkigayo

Really, at first when I heard about them I wasn’t that excited. But after I watched their teasers for each member, I became really excited….the boys are cute!!!!!!!!~. xDDDDD

Here’s the teasers.!~


Omoo~ He’s adorable. >W< Maknea. ❤


He looks really really cute with brown hair. ^^

I prefer his brown hair over blonde. ><

Teehee~ “he began dancing because of Yunho [of TVXQ]”…….that’s really adorable. xD



Ahhh~ His beatboxing is too awesome….and he’s so cuteee~ >W<


Lool. ~Mika talked the most. XDDDDD

The song in the beginning of the teasers is so sweet and cute. Gives me the cute and innocent feeling. >W<

Right now, I can’t really decide on my fave member since first of all they haven’t debuted yet and they’re all just too cute looking..xD. I’m really looking foward to their debut stage. ^______^


Kara Comesback with “Lupin” + “Umbrella”!!~

February 26, 2010

After T-ara\’s comeback, we have KARA !!~

KARA also transformed their image to a more dark and hot image.!~ but at the same time, when they performed “Umbrella” they were back to that cute and innocent image that all fanboys have to love. >W<

Lupin + Umbrella – KARA

Credits:: komusik1 @youtube

I really love their outfits in both perfomance, and I really love the lighting in Lupin. That one part reminded me of spys for some reason. XDD Very hot Kara spys. xDD

Their fans are awesome. xDD I just love the chants fans gives to their fav celebs. If I were the celeb, that is a big encouragement and I would feel extremely happy.  . ^^

To be honest, comparing T-ara\’s comeback and Kara’s, I like Kara’s more. XDDD [trying to be unbiased here….I like KARA more. xP ] I think I like the song “Lupin” more that “I go Crazy Because of You“. like,….Lupin’s “Hallo Hallo” part is very catchy. XD But at the same time, I still do like I go Crazy Because of You, also another very catchy song. x3

Looks like a lot of the girl groups are coming  back! ^________^

Now, I can not wait for the boy groups!!~ . SHINee, ❤ ^_^


T-ara comes back with “I Go Crazy Because of You”!~

February 26, 2010

Yuppers, finally the T-ara girls are back .^^

With a totally different look from their “Bo Peep” image, the girls came back on M!countdown with a hot and sexy image. =]

Credits:: Bou819 @youtube

It seems like the girls were lip syncing, but I heard from other people that they did sang on parts?…lol. I can’t really tell when they actually sang, but I know that they did lip sync. xD The song is really good, and the cherography  is pretty good. =]

Here’s the MV.

Credits:: m1rotic @youtube

Lol~ The MV kinda made my eyes…@_____@. So fast. xDDD

But overall, I’m liking the song. ^^


SHINee Hello Baby Episode 6!! ~ <3

February 23, 2010

Whaa!~ One week passed already…kinda fast.  actually I was dieing for Hello Baby to come out!

Well, before I go do my French homework, Hello Baby Episode 6 is out! ^____^


Credits to:: Randy19976s @youtube

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Omg. The part where Yooguen hit Onew in that “part” was hilarious. xDDD