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FT Triple “Love Letter” LIVE! <3

October 29, 2009

Finally!! ~

Cheers for FT Triple! ❤ They preformed on Mnet Countdown on October 29. 😀

Credits:: spodocskpark

Jaejin’s voice is just heart melting and Minhwan looks too hot to be 17. xD and I just love it when Jonghun plays the piano. >W<

Good Job to FT Triple!!~ ❤ ❤ ❤


FT Triple’s New MV “Love Letter” Released!! <33

October 27, 2009



Credits:: Primanoona.

I fell in love with the song now. Jaejin’s voice melts my heart. >W< and I have to say again, his voice really improved!!!!! Hehe~ not really as used to Jaejin on the guitar. XD I like him on bass. ^_^

I really like the rapping part too. >W< and Minhwan is jawdrop hot. xDD

GAH~ I saw some pictures of the new album, and all I have to say is….MUST. BUY~ >W<


FT Triple~ <3

October 25, 2009


Tomorrow, October 26th is when FT Triple’s album would be released. >W< . . The music video would also be out too. ^__^ I seriously cannot wait!!!!~ Then on October 29th, FT Triple would be performing their new image on MNet’s Countdown.


I am so excited!! I bet a lot of you Primadonnas are feeling the same way as I am. xD


OHH~ Look at this picture of out FT Triple.!!~

Credit: sportschosun+ pkTN@SSH’s forum+CNMK@soompi/PITeam

Aren’t they just hottie pies? xD

Minhwannie is hot. :3

OHH~ and preorder FT Island’s Vol. 3 – Repackage Album : Double Date (2DC) on Yesasia soon!!~


FT Triple Releases “Love Letter” Teaser!!~~

October 19, 2009

As you might know, FT Island’s sub group, FT Triple with; Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghun.

credits: FT Island forum soompi

Recently, they have released a teaser of their new song, “Love Letter”.

There is a tad bit of change in this group. Jaejin the bassist and the vocal, is now playing the guitar and singing in this song, Jonghun is playing the piano instead of the guitar and Minhwan is doing the drums as usual with his awesome drumming skills. >W<

Check it out. <33

Credits for vid and info:: Primanoona


*faints*…..Jaejin’s voice melts my heart. >W< and Minhwan ish such a hottie now. *drools*



Happy Mooncake Day!~ xD and Chuseok !!!

October 4, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
keke~ Mooncake Day!! XD
Happy Chuseok. ^___^

Hope everyone had a good day. :3
Kee~ I want to eat more mooncakes. >wWW<


Credits:: Soompi FT Island Forum.


FT Island (A3 or FT Triple) celebrates Chuseok!!!!!!!!~

October 2, 2009

Kekeke~ My wish came truee~ ^___^

Here they are!!

Credits to:: Soompi FT Island Forum, Primanoona, Allkpop

Keee~ so adorable. !!!!!!!!!!~
Gyaa~ Minhwan and Jaejin are so cute, I want to give them a hug. >W.< LOL. xD
Unfortunately, Hongki and Seunghyun are not able to be in the photo due to their busy schedules.
But hey, Look at these 3 cutiepies!! xD
A3 is the sub group of FT Island, with Choi Minhwan, Lee Jaejin and Choi Jonghun. ^^ Because their blood types all happens to be A, they are a. ^w^
SO CUTE. xD BUT they decided to be called, FT Triple instead as they wanted to keep the name “FT“. =)

For this celebration Chuseok Jaejin says,“”Now that I’m wearing hanbok, I feel really great. The past 6 years, I never got to really celebrate Chuseok because of concert preparations. Sadly, once again, I will have to give up going to see my family for Chuseok because of concert preparations.” he also added, “”I want to go to the countryside and relax with the fresh air. I also want to visit my grandfather’s grave. I feel responsible to visit his grave as the eldest son so I feel bad not going to see my family. I would always go to public bathhouses with my dad and though it was awkward, I think about spending time with him.”
^____^ Cute.

Minhwan says, “I have a huge family. Since I haven’t gone to my hometown for 6 years, when they come to my concerts, I can not even recognize them. I used to play so many games with my family members on Chuseok expecially Yut-Game”
Lol. Reminds me of a time I saw my family that I haven’t seen in a long time. O_O I saw them and I was like..”ehh..who are you?” Rude of me. xDD

Jonghun added, “When Chuseok comes around, I go to the movies, eat, and spend quality time with my members. Since I can’t visit my family, they come to me at my dorm to bring me food. With that food, we throw a party ourselves. I don’t have a specific Chuseok memory so the Chuseoks I have spent with my members are memorable.”
FOOD! =D I love food too. xDDD

FT Triple’s greetings to us is for this Chuseok is, “Eat a lot this Chuseok and don’t get sick. Don’t wait for us in front of our practice room, instead, spend time with your family. If you can, wear hanbok!”

Kekekek~ Yes. I’ll eat a lot. ^__^ So thoughtful of them telling us not to get sick. >W3<

Well, Have a Happy Chuseok everyone! =3
and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival too! ^_________^