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FT Triple Love Letter~ <333

November 24, 2009


FT Triple is doing such a good job. >w< I’m in love with their songs!!~ Keke~ Since I got their new album, I don’t know how many times “Love Letter” has been on repeat. xD

I find that in each performance the boys are all getter cuter and cuterr..!!!! >W< *melts*

Check this one out!~

@ Music Core

Credits:: Primanoona
You gotta love Jaejin‘s hair!!! I love it. !!~ I wish I was there in the audience….then I can be with the other Primadonnas screaming. xDDD

*sighhh*…why doesn’t anyone come to North America. TT_______TT


SHU-I Comes back on Music Bank with “Save Me” !!~ + new image

November 14, 2009

Kyaa~ I’ve been waiting for so long for them to make a comeback!!!!!~ (actually, I bet all SHU-I fans have been waiting neh? :P)

This time, they turned the table around with a new image! ! They are so adorable!!~~ >W<


Teehee~ Inseok’s hair is adorable. >W< Reminds me of Hongki’s hair when FT Island first debuted. :3

and his pants really reminds me of G-dragon’s!! O__O

and Hongki’s old hair…

G-dragon‘s pants in “My Heaven” .

GAH~ I love his  hair! ^^ and I miss Hongki’s ponytail. xD

Hyungjun got a haircut too. >W< …………ehh…it makes him look cuter. XD but I like his old hair better. xD

New hair

Changhyun‘s new hair

Heh. I like him with longer hair. V__V

Maybe I just have a thing for longer haired guys…but like….ya. xD

They all look adorable. >W< I like their new style. ^^ REALLY CUTE~



Bomb Bomb Bomb SHU-I Funny Version!~~

November 14, 2009


This just cracked me up. xD

Credits:: spe88cer

LOOOL~ Inseok ish too cute. >W<

I actually had a horrible day today.O_O But this totally cheered me up. :3




November 11, 2009

It’s FT Island’s maknae’s 18 (17th) BIRTHDAY!!~ ❤

Hope Minhwan Oppa has an awesome, fantasitic Birthday!!!!~


I wish I can be in Korea. V___V

But, Minhwannie ish alrealy 18 now. An adult!!~ >W< Remember him in 2007? When FT Island debuted? Keke~ He was just the most adorable boy ever. >W<

This was his first Birthday Fanmeet party. ^__^

Such a cutie pie~~ <33

Tehee~ Since it’s his Birthday….MINHWAN SPAM! >:D

(I’m part of my MInhwan photo collection..xDD)

(I’ll add more when I have time. :3)




BEAST, MBLAQ, F.T.Triple for AIDS!~

November 11, 2009

BEAST, MBLAQ, F.T.Triple, and more artists are coming together for an AIDS benefit concert.

Hosted by The Body Shop and MTV and titled,”Yes Yes Yes to Fighting AIDS.” The concert will be held at 8PM on November 24th at the Hongdae live hall.

Alex will host the event and performers include, Jewelry, No Brain, Lyn, Tei, BEAST, MBLAQ, and F.T.Triple.

A representative from The Body Shop said, “This benefit concert is targeted at young people who should be open to more information about AIDS.”

Credits:: Allkpop

Teehee ~ That’s really good of them. ^__^ Helping those in need is just…awesomee! =3



G-Dragon’s “A Boy” Music Video Released!!!!!!!!~~~

November 10, 2009

Teehee~ We, V.I.Ps have been waiting long enough…….IT’S HERE!!~~

Credits:: taijizero01

Even though, Big Bang is working in Japan now, GD sure didn’t disappoint us. ^_____^

Teehee~ I really love this MV!! Little GD! <3333333333 So adorable. ~

But like, the baby in the apple was a little weird..but cool at the same time. xD and I just love the 2-D G-dragon!! ❤ xD

ohh~ and the string part, reminded me of SHU-I’s Bomb Bomb Bomb  MV for some reason. O__O

BUT~~ GD GD Baby Baby :]



A.N.JELL in a magazine?

November 4, 2009

Yes they are gonna!~ ^_^

A.N.JELL from the currently popularr  SBS’s drama, “You’re Beautiful,” will be featured in the next  High Cut magazine.

The theme of the photo-shoot was “Boys, Be Fabulous!”

Credits:: Allkpop

Arne’ t they just cute? xD and very manly for the first picture. xD


SHU-I <3

November 2, 2009

I’m currently in love with a new boyband group SHU-I. I made a post  about them before, but gahh~ I like them more now. xD

SHU-I consist 5 members. (keke~ just like FT Island and Big Bang. <3)

Debut song:: Bomb Bomb Bomb

Leader In Seok (황인석)


Gahh~ He’s so adorable. >W< Me’s fave member. 😉

Chang Hyun (전창현)


Hyung Jun (박형준)


MinHo (박민호) (Main vocal)


Jin Seok (박진석)(Maknae)

1991.01.22 (keke~ His birthday is really close to mine!!~)

Aren’t they just adorable? :3 InSeok is such a cutie potatoes.  I have to say that he’s one of the cutest leaders out there. >W< But isn’t it cute that the leader of the group (InSeok) has such a cute look, while the magnae (JinSeok) has a fierce and strong look? :3

Not saying that InSeok is not strong. Keke~ He has some muscles.See  him in the middle? XPP

(From left: MinHo, ChangHyun, Inseok, HyungJun, JinSeok)

Man, ChangHyun is a hottie too. 😉

Gahhh~ InSeok is so cute. xDDD

Check these pics out. They are so dorky and adorable. xD

Keke~ InSeok and ChangHyun. ❤


Teehee~ They have an adorkable side too. ^__^

Hope they come out with a new song or album soon. ^__^