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SHU-I Comes back on Music Bank with “Save Me” !!~ + new image

November 14, 2009

Kyaa~ I’ve been waiting for so long for them to make a comeback!!!!!~ (actually, I bet all SHU-I fans have been waiting neh? :P)

This time, they turned the table around with a new image! ! They are so adorable!!~~ >W<


Teehee~ Inseok’s hair is adorable. >W< Reminds me of Hongki’s hair when FT Island first debuted. :3

and his pants really reminds me of G-dragon’s!! O__O

and Hongki’s old hair…

G-dragon‘s pants in “My Heaven” .

GAH~ I love his  hair! ^^ and I miss Hongki’s ponytail. xD

Hyungjun got a haircut too. >W< …………ehh…it makes him look cuter. XD but I like his old hair better. xD

New hair

Changhyun‘s new hair

Heh. I like him with longer hair. V__V

Maybe I just have a thing for longer haired guys…but like….ya. xD

They all look adorable. >W< I like their new style. ^^ REALLY CUTE~



Bomb Bomb Bomb SHU-I Funny Version!~~

November 14, 2009


This just cracked me up. xD

Credits:: spe88cer

LOOOL~ Inseok ish too cute. >W<

I actually had a horrible day today.O_O But this totally cheered me up. :3



SHU-I <3

November 2, 2009

I’m currently in love with a new boyband group SHU-I. I made a post  about them before, but gahh~ I like them more now. xD

SHU-I consist 5 members. (keke~ just like FT Island and Big Bang. <3)

Debut song:: Bomb Bomb Bomb

Leader In Seok (황인석)


Gahh~ He’s so adorable. >W< Me’s fave member. 😉

Chang Hyun (전창현)


Hyung Jun (박형준)


MinHo (박민호) (Main vocal)


Jin Seok (박진석)(Maknae)

1991.01.22 (keke~ His birthday is really close to mine!!~)

Aren’t they just adorable? :3 InSeok is such a cutie potatoes.  I have to say that he’s one of the cutest leaders out there. >W< But isn’t it cute that the leader of the group (InSeok) has such a cute look, while the magnae (JinSeok) has a fierce and strong look? :3

Not saying that InSeok is not strong. Keke~ He has some muscles.See  him in the middle? XPP

(From left: MinHo, ChangHyun, Inseok, HyungJun, JinSeok)

Man, ChangHyun is a hottie too. 😉

Gahhh~ InSeok is so cute. xDDD

Check these pics out. They are so dorky and adorable. xD

Keke~ InSeok and ChangHyun. ❤


Teehee~ They have an adorkable side too. ^__^

Hope they come out with a new song or album soon. ^__^



SHU-I! <3

October 15, 2009

Heh. After that new boyband post, I want to talk about SHU-I now. >W<
SHU-I debuted on September 18. 3 weeks ago with their song, “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. I don’t really like their music video for this song…kinda weird. I had plastic babies in bags. O_O

Credits:: DORKy0100
Kyaaa~ 2:07-2:16. My new fangirling target. Inseok, the leader of the group. >W< Gyaa~ so cute. *drools*

Credits:: urasiansourceKpop
Here he ish my target….INSEOK! ~
*jawdrops* cute. xD I believe he was in the group R-eal before. :3

This video shows their cuteness. xD but it also reminds me of 2PM, which made me miss Jaebeom more. T^T *sighhhhhhhhhh*..why does he have to leave. T~T The past is the past..jeez..
ANYWAY!~ you can see how cute Inseok ish. >W< (He's the one in the purple vest with the hood with the cap) So cute!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My comment on this group is that their dancing is not the best in “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. They seem a little stiff compared to Big Bang. <3, but hey. I bet they are trying their best. ^__^
They are a new group anyway, so they're good. ^_^ keke~ Inseok. ❤ For some reason in the vid for Again & Again, he kinda looked like Heechul from Super Junior. O_O

Kekee~ I hope they would improve and be more awesome. =3