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Happy Halloween!!~

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!~

Keke~ I don’t know why I’m kinda excited, even though I’m not going out trick or treating this year. xP I don’t know why I just don’t feel like going this year. Maybe I’m getting to old for going out and getting candies. O_O I’m quite excited for giving out candies to people tonight. Some kids can be so adorable in their little pumpkin costume. >W< I usually give them extra more candies. Hehe~

This year I actually helped decorating our house. xD Usually my parents would just randomy decorate enough so people would come to our house to get candy, very simple decorations. This year I helped. ^__^ I made little ghosts to hang everywhere on our deck and door, then I help putting spider webs (cotton) all over our window. The little ghosts were really easy to make, keke ~ I drew random faces on each of them. xDD I even hang like this spider on the door. ^_^ Not too much decorations, but the best in years. O_O My mom told me that she was the one who always decorates the house for Halloween each year, since I grew older. xD I have to admit that it has been a while since I help decorated the house. The last time was when I was in grade 4. xDDD

I remember my first Halloween when I came to here to North America. xD My parents didn’t really know that we can get A LOT of candy, so I was just holding this tiny little pail in a little rabbit costume, I was like 4 years old. xDD I miss going trick or treating with my sister. >W<

I really want to cosplay one year. xDD But the cosplay costumes are so expensive. >3< All well….I’ll wait. xDD


FT Triple “Love Letter” LIVE! <3

October 29, 2009

Finally!! ~

Cheers for FT Triple! ❤ They preformed on Mnet Countdown on October 29. 😀

Credits:: spodocskpark

Jaejin’s voice is just heart melting and Minhwan looks too hot to be 17. xD and I just love it when Jonghun plays the piano. >W<

Good Job to FT Triple!!~ ❤ ❤ ❤


Big Bang’s “Let Me Hear Your Voice” Music Vidoe~

October 29, 2009

Big Bang recently released their new music video, “Let me hear your voice.”


Check it out!! >W<

Gah~ I love the song. GD’s rapping and TOP’s rapping are the best!~
What do you think? 😉




FT Triple’s New MV “Love Letter” Released!! <33

October 27, 2009



Credits:: Primanoona.

I fell in love with the song now. Jaejin’s voice melts my heart. >W< and I have to say again, his voice really improved!!!!! Hehe~ not really as used to Jaejin on the guitar. XD I like him on bass. ^_^

I really like the rapping part too. >W< and Minhwan is jawdrop hot. xDD

GAH~ I saw some pictures of the new album, and all I have to say is….MUST. BUY~ >W<


Paper Stars!! <3

October 25, 2009


Lately I got really into folding paper stars. I don’t know why though. xD I like the glow in the dark ones, like when I go to sleep at night all I see is this glowing circular object. xD Kinda freaky but I like it. >=D

Keke~ FT Island. ^__^


Old FT Island Video. V__V

October 25, 2009

I was going through an old FT Island video, and I re watched this one where Hongki was sick and they were forced to perform. V____V

(This is old news..but..yea. >________>)

This was all the way in December last year, but as you can hear, Hongki’s voice didn’t sound right and he looked very tried, and his earphone wasn’t working properly. It was so sad to see him like this. T____T

*throws chair at company or whoever that made him perform when he was sick*

But I have to say that their style for this performance was quite interesting and very hot. ^___^

Here are some cuts::

Minhwan and Jonghun looked so awesome. >W<

Jaejin, Wonbin and a tired Hongki. T__T

and lastly, Wonbinne. >W< I love his earring.!!


FT Triple~ <3

October 25, 2009


Tomorrow, October 26th is when FT Triple’s album would be released. >W< . . The music video would also be out too. ^__^ I seriously cannot wait!!!!~ Then on October 29th, FT Triple would be performing their new image on MNet’s Countdown.


I am so excited!! I bet a lot of you Primadonnas are feeling the same way as I am. xD


OHH~ Look at this picture of out FT Triple.!!~

Credit: sportschosun+ pkTN@SSH’s forum+CNMK@soompi/PITeam

Aren’t they just hottie pies? xD

Minhwannie is hot. :3

OHH~ and preorder FT Island’s Vol. 3 – Repackage Album : Double Date (2DC) on Yesasia soon!!~


G-dragon’s “Butterfly” Music Video Released!~~

October 23, 2009


I find it really cute. >W<

Check it out. ~

Criedits:: chyansie

I find it really cute, when GD and the girl kisses, and he turns into a lot of butterflies. >W<


G-dragon gonna release a new MV?

October 23, 2009

Keke~ Looks like Ji-yong Oppa (G-dragon) is gonna release a new music video tomorrow!!! From Heartbreaker to Breathe, and now “Butterfly“.  =D

What is weird is that at the end of the music video for “Breathe”, it showed a teaser of “A Boy” another one of G-dragon’s song from his solo alum, Heartbreaker. o_O

But it doesn’t matter neh? It’s still G-dragon. >W< Maybe A Boy’s music video would come out later. ;D

Isn’t this picture adorable??? >W< GD is so cute. xDD




FT Triple Releases “Love Letter” Teaser!!~~

October 19, 2009

As you might know, FT Island’s sub group, FT Triple with; Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghun.

credits: FT Island forum soompi

Recently, they have released a teaser of their new song, “Love Letter”.

There is a tad bit of change in this group. Jaejin the bassist and the vocal, is now playing the guitar and singing in this song, Jonghun is playing the piano instead of the guitar and Minhwan is doing the drums as usual with his awesome drumming skills. >W<

Check it out. <33

Credits for vid and info:: Primanoona


*faints*…..Jaejin’s voice melts my heart. >W< and Minhwan ish such a hottie now. *drools*