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F(x) celebrates Chuseok. =)

September 30, 2009

As many might know, Chuseok is coming up, which is celebrated by many Koreans. ^^(October 3rd) It is on the same date as the Mid-Autumn Festival that Chinese celebrate. =) These two festivals are very similar, but the Koreans and the Chinese just celebrate them differently. ^^..well, that’s what I have heard.
I believe that in Korea, you eat Songpyeon, traditional Korean food made from glutinous rice. It sounds so yummy. xD and in China we eat mooncakes!! πŸ˜€ I love mooncakes. xDD

Anyway, looks like this year F(x) is commemorating Chuseok as well with us. =) They are all dressed up in beautiful hanboks, a traditional Korean dress.
F(x) also gave us their Chuseok greetings and shared their goals for the future with us F(x) fans. “We hope everyone spends a happy holiday for Chuseok. As this is our first Chuseok together as a group since our debut, we plan to eat delicious food, wish upon the full moon and spend a special time with one another.”
Keke~ Sounds like lots of fun. ^^. I love eating delicious foods during festivals too. xDD

Credits to:: Allkpop for imformation

Here are the pictures!~ I actually thought that Amber was going to wear a female hanbok, but I guess she didn’t. xD
But they all still looked very cute. ^__^


This reminds me of the pictures I saw of FT Island in Hanboks. ^____^
They are all so adorable.
I believe these ones were from the Chuseok in 2007. because of their hairstyles. x3

Minhwan and Jaejin!~ <33333333
Kyaa~ They are so adroable. >W<

AND, I think these were from last year because Jaejin had that smexy cut. ;D

I want to celebrate Chuseok. ^^ Sounds like fun and I want to try the traditional foods that people eat on Chuseok. ^^ Keke~ I’m really interested in the Korean culture. xD


FT Island is safe. >__<

September 28, 2009

Many might have heard that there was a big hurricane in Philippines. o_o The flooding might be the worst in forty years! O_O Well, I don’t live in Philippines but I really hope that everything can go well. Many people lost their lives. This is like what have happened in Taiwan a few months ago. >__.__<

It was said that FT Island recently went to the Philippines to shoot their new music video. But the storm stict and F&C were not able to contact them for while. However, that afternoon the found out that they were safe. *phew*
From Allkpop we know that the boys are safe and would be heading back to Korea today. But their planned 4 days shooting of the music video was shortened to a 2 days, due to the storm. >.__<

Credits:: Allkpop

That must have been a scary experience. O_O
I remember I was in a Signal 10 typhoon in Hong Kong once. Our flight was canceled. but good thing to damages were done. :l



Public Transit Songs~~ ^__^

September 28, 2009

Lately there are a few idol groups doing public transit songs, convincing us to take the public transit more.

In one of my posts, I posted FT Island’s version. ^__^ I’ll post again.xDD
They are so adorable~ I would love to take the subway with them. ;D
Kyaakyaakyaa~~ Too adorable. >3< Stalkerish eyes of Jonghun. xDDD
Minhwanniee~~ <33
Credits:: jinnienomuyeppo02

Then they released KARA’s version. =3
Cute. ^__^ Who wouldn’t want to take the bus with them? xP
Nicole is so cute. xDDDD
Credits:: xbaybiieglamax2

Brown Eyed Girls also supports public transits. =)
Credits:: wonderbangjjang

Lol~ Those couples…..xDD

Following, F(x) Also promotes the Public Transportation Campaign too. ^__^
Their’s is so cute. xDD Them screaming on the rollercoaster. ^^
Who *cough..guys..cough* couldn’t be convinced to take the public transit? xP
Credits:: AkieShi

And the latest group who also help to promote the public transit is…4minute! =)
Credits:: xbaybiieglamax3

I wonder who else would help… πŸ˜›
I’m hoping for a male group next. ^W^
Kekekeke~ ~~ “Blue Skies, Clean City…………….”
Everyone help make a cleaner world!~ Take the public transit. xDDDDDDDD

This is like last year’s Say No to smoking campaign. ^^ Many idol groups helped convince people to say NO to smoking. ^^
Here are some of my faves. :3

I love FT Island’s. Kekeke~~ ;P
I miss Wonbin. T____T

Keke~ This was the was during the “After Love” period. Jaejin had that smexy cut. xDD
O__O Their style sure did change. 3<
Credits:: claud217

But, what’s sad is I saw a few pics of GD smoking. T__T
Maybe, he’s telling people not to smoke like him?? =P <33

KARA's was cool. ^__^
Credits:: highondrive

Kekeke~ Can’t forget SHINee’s. ^____^

Kee~ I hope SHINee does the Public Transit one too. >W<

Remember now, Say NO to smoking. xDDD


FT Island “Raining” Jacket Released!~~ (3rd Japanese Single!!)

September 27, 2009

Looky Looky!~

Credits to soompi FT Island Forum + Primanoona

*drools over Minhwan* :3

Here are the tracks::

Track list:

1. Raining
Lyrics by miyakei / Music by 倧智 / Arranged by youwhich

2. Everything is possible
Lyrics by Shusui, Lee Jae Jin / Music by Shusui

3. It’s U
Lyrics by Lee Jae Jin, CUL / Music by OWL / Arranged by youwhich

1. Raining (Promotion Video)
2. Raining (Special Feature)

As you see, Jaejinny is doing the lyrics for two songs. πŸ˜€
I feel so happy and proud of him. >WW<
So talented. ~~ Kekeke~
I Love his hair now. ^___^ and the colour. I prefer this more than the little mushroom cut. xD
ZOMG. Hongki’s hair suits him so much. >W<
I can't wait until it comes out!!!! October 21!!!!!

The DVD is in Region 2. T__________T WHY~~~~~!!! ……..>3:3


Girl Groups~~ 2NE1, F(x), Kara

September 26, 2009

Hello everyone~
(keke…just felt like saying that to everyone who’s reading this…)
Come to think of it…I don’t think anyone reads my blog..but whatever. xDDDDD

Anyway, there are a lot of new girls group now in the K-pop industry. There are just a lot. O_O
Like, to me some of them share the same image…>__> but mehh…=P

I have to say the two new girl groups that I really like right now are 2NE1 and F(x).

Personally, I find 2NE1 amazing!! =O. They just debuted for a few months and now they are uber popular in Korea, especially with their song, “I Don’t Care”. Well, they’re done with promoting I Don’t Care, I seriously can’t wait for them to come back on stage and blow us away with another fantastic song and dancing. =)
and CL’s rapping is just amazing, Bom has a beautiful voice, Minzy is just an awesome dancer and she is only 15!! O_O, and Dara is just so cute. XDD
I really love their debut stage, it reminded me of Big Bang’s. ;D

2NE1’s debut:: Fire
Credits:: YGladies

Big Bang’s debut:: Lalala
Credits:: rainbowsandsunshines

I have to say that I really miss Big Bang’s style like this. >_W< ZOMG! I think Amber is so cool. πŸ˜‰
Yes. She is a girl, but….she would be such a handsome guy. xDDD Kekekekkeke~ I bet she has a lot of fangirls. xD
But, their debut stage wasn't as good compared to 2NE1's…..but I still like them. They are both different in their own ways. ^___^

F(x)'s Debut Stage:: Lachata

ZOMG~ Amber. πŸ˜‰

I was just listening to “Break It” by KARA, which reminded me of their debut. xDD
They were so different. xD I almost didn’t recolonize Nicole. xD She improved a lot.
Like, the style. And since now they have 2 new members. ^__^
Kara Fighting. :3

Kara debut:: Break It
Credits:: PhilKun00

Both their songs, Wanna and Mister are on my Favourites list. πŸ˜‰
Kara~ Mister:
Credits:: kpopluv20

FIGHTING! ~ ^__^


Heartbreaker + Cross and Change + Big Show 2009 = <33333333

September 23, 2009

Finally it came!! :3
The 3 things I ordered from Yesasia finally arrived today. ^__^
They are……*drum rolls*
G-dragon’s Heartbreaker Solo Album.
FT Island’s Cross and Change 3rd Album.
Big Bang’s Big Show 2009 Concert.


Kyaaaaa! ~<33
Cross and Change~
Man They are hot! >W<
I was looking at the pictures…and god, Minhwan is hot. πŸ˜›
Big Show Concert 2009~
I really love this pop up. >W<

Kekekeke~ I have waited soo long. V_____V
So happy!!! :3
My 3 precious items. >=P


G-Dragon Breathe Music Video Released!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ + english lyrics

September 21, 2009

Keke~ It’s out fianlly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out!!!!!~

Credits to:: KpopMusiqueSubs

Isn’t G-dragon so adorable in this? Compared to Heartbreaker, this one is more relaxed and ..happy? We see G-dragon’s breathtaking smile more! >wW<
Ji Yong Oppa…I can’t breathe!! >W<
Kufukufu. XD
I have to say, that I like this music video more than Heartbreaker's. :3 Maybe because G-dragon is just too cute and happy in this one. ^w^. But Heartbreaker's is awesome too. The apples are amazing. xD
I don't know how many times I have watched this now. ^___^


Breathe~ G-dragon

English Translations:

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe no more
I can’t sleep no more
In this crazy world, the cold heart of the city, I’m alone
I can’t live no more but I can’t stop no more
Even if I close my eyes I can’t hear your breathing anymore

I can’t deny, a night I quietly sleep
You appear in me, you’re so beautiful
Hey gorgeous sweet amazing baby
I know you want it baby
You and me hot cold right now
Til you say no more

*I can’t breathe I can’t breathe
I don’t even care for the feeling like I’m being squeezed
I can’t breathe I can’t breathe
Even when the morning’s bright, I don’t want to get up
I can’t breathe

I’m tired of imagination, I lost my self restraint
Situation turned contradictory, You are my unchanged V V Venus!
If you take the stars from the other side of the moon, the sun will grow dark
I’ve been waiting for this moment I wonder

I can’t deny, a night I quietly sleep
You appear in me, you’re so beautiful
Hey gorgeous sweet amazing baby
I know you want it baby
You and me hot cold right now
Let’s do it some more

*repeat x2

The magnificent morning came through the curtains
Your outstretched hand that calls me
Secretly come to my bed
Quietly, so no one knows

*repeat x2

No no no I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe breathe breathe no more
I can’t breathe I can’t breathe no more


FT Island & SHINee Dances to Genie, Pretty Girl and Abracadabra!!~ So CUTE. >W<

September 21, 2009

I know this is a little late, but I finally found a clip of them dancing to SNSD’s Genie, Kara’s Pretty Girl and BEG’s Abracadabra!! ❀
Thanks to Redrose1200 on youtube. xD
Credits:: Redrose1200

Seunghyun’s scream is priceless. >w<
So adorable. ^____^


FT Island’s new Album Picture. ^^

September 19, 2009

Credits to: Soompi FT Island forum.

Gyaa!~~ I’m really looking forward for this. They all look so hot. *___________*

Can’t wait for until October 21 either!!!
First it was “Breathe” music video ~ G-dragon on coming out on Monday September 21, now a picture for Raining, FT Island’s Japanese album. >W<
Kee~ I'm looking forward to a lot of things now. xD


G-dragon’s New “Breathe” Music Video COMING OUT!!!! ~

September 19, 2009


Credit to: β™₯ KPOP JJANG 짱! &

It’s coming out on Monday, September 21!!! I seriously can not wait!! Heartbreaker that was released last month on August the 18 was so awesome!!! I bet this one is gonna be as awesome as the last one. >w<

Seriously, hearing this news, "I can't Breathe…I can't breathe!~~" :3

Credits: BigBangVIPTV

That smile in the melted my heart. *________*