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Excited for SHINee’s Comeback!!~ <3 <3

June 29, 2010

Just minutes ago, I went on SHINee’s Soompi forum and saw a few pictures of SHINee in hats, covering their new hairstyle for their upcoming comeback in a July!! >W<

After I saw these pictures, I got so excited that I was screaming and -___-

I thought I might share some of the pics. 🙂

You don’t know how much I’m loving Taemin’s hair. ♥ I like Onew’s hair, you can see that he dyed his hair a lighter shade. You can’t see Jonghyun‘s hair. T.T and Minho‘s hair is a different colour. =)

I’m so scared of Key‘s hair. I hope he didn’t like…shave his head or something. O__O



Credits: as named, SHINee Soompi forum

Onew’s hair got exposed when he slipped on stage. Clubsy Dubu.~ Glad he’s alright. ><

Credits:  WeaReShining01

Here’s their performance: Ring Ding Dong~

Credits: CrazyCarrot350 @youtube

Sad that they lip-sync, but it’s okay. :3

AHHH~ NEW ALBUM. <333 SHINee Fighitng. ^__^


Finally Done Exams!!~

June 24, 2010

Wah~ I’m so happy that exams are now…officially OVERRR~~ Lalalal~ Summer holidays~ xD

Noww, I just have to wait to get my report card. >___<

But yeahh~ SUMMER ISH HERE! >W<

I really want to go to the beach now. xDD


D-NA Jay’s Popping skills~

June 23, 2010

The maknae of D-NA is a fantastic popper!! >w<

Well, from what I know before Jay is very very good at dancing. 🙂 Well…I guess this video that he uploaded proved everything right. 😀

Credits: Daum | A-nill @ MYBOSS | Download at our eDNA (

Omoo~ I think I fell in love.!~ I’m really liking D-NA a  lot now! In my opinion, they are the best rookie group right now. CN Blue is pretty good too. lol~ x3

I don’t know why, but this video of Jay reminded me of this one video of Taemin.♥

Credits: Ladychan @youtube

God, his shirt ripping at the end ~ xD

They are both awesome dancers. How I just love cutie good dancers! >W<

Side note.~

BEAST Talks About SHINee during Interview~

June 22, 2010

Recently, we know that the Korean boy group BEAST were in the Philippines. During their Video Press Conference, they mention the Shiny SHINee boys. ^^

Beast Video Press Conference Transcript

1st question: Who are the bands that you look up to and is there something new that we can expect from Beast?

Beast: We like the band SHINee in Korea because they have teamwork, they’ve been so popular for a long time. We want to be like them.

cr: myxphilippines + Daily Dose of SHINee

Hehehe~ Such cuties. >W<


Examss~~ ><

June 20, 2010

From the title, you can see that this is another random rant entry. xD

Omo.~~~ I have 3 exams coming up, and I am darn scared. T___T

Soo nervous. I decided to take a 5 min break from studying to go on the computer. ><

2 exams on Monday, and 1 on Thursday. ><

*sighhh* I’m gonna faint soon. So much to study. @__@  and time is like running out.

Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok ~ 2PM



So nervous.

I really cannot wait for this exam week to be over. Then SUMMER HOLIDAYS! ♥ ^__^

Because of exams, I might be late in posting some of the k-pop news and such. ….maybe not…depends. xPP


FIGHTING!! ♥ ^^ Wish you all good luck. ~


D-NA releases new MV Stumble Stumble!!~ <3

June 16, 2010

Omo~ It’s been a uber while since we heard about the Dae Guk Nam Ah boys. >W< Well, they are finally making a comeback with a new image and song!~

Stumble Stumble.~

Credits: enchanteDNA @youtube

KARAM! YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

I kinda miss their old image. xD but yeah…….they are HOT HOT HOT!!!


SHINee Comeback in July~ ♥

June 13, 2010

It’s been rumored that the fantastic elastic SHINee would be making their comeback in July. ^_^ Their schedual has been recently posted online referring to their comeback plans. It says that their next album would be released on July 12th, 2010!!!~

Here’s the schedule and rough translation by shiningshineeworld:

6/23~25 자켓촬영 및 뮤비촬영 (예정)
7/6 티져 공개 (예정)
저작권협회 등록 (예정)
7/8 음원 공개 (예정)
7/9 뮤직비디오 공개 (예정)
뮤직뱅크 첫방송(미정)
7/10 쇼음악중심 첫방송(미정)
7/12 앨범 발매 (예정)

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)
7/12 Album Release (scheduled)

Credits: allkpop, SHINee Soompi thread

Omg.! >W< I know this news came out days ago…been busy and cannot post this. xP But yeah!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! CANNOT WAIT! I know us SHINee fans have been missing SHINee like heck ever since they said their goodbye stage in January. >W< Really, I cannot wait to see what image SHINee is gonna show us. Everytime they make their comebacks, a new fresh image would give us fans a surprise. (Remember Ring Ding Dong? >W<)



Happy 3rd Anniversary FT Island!!! <3

June 7, 2010

Omo~! 3 Years alreadyy!!!! >W<


Remember their debut stage 3 years ago??? >W<

Wah! It seems like such a long time ago!!!! The boys have sure came a long way! They have matured a lot!! ^_^

But hey, who doesn’t miss their little cute flower boy image?? >W< Don’t these pictures bring back memories? >////////<

Us Primadonnas would always be there to support you FT Island!! ❤



Always – Big Bang <333

June 6, 2010

I started to watch oldish k-pop music videos again, and I started to watch “Always” – Big Bang’s MV again. Zomgg~ they are soo adorable in the whole white outfits! After replaying the video a gazillion times hehe I really miss Big Bang. It’s been too long since they performed as a group in Korea. >< Yeah, G-dragon and Taeyang performed alone as a solo, but I really miss the whole group performing. AND their old image.

Remember that image they gave to us during their “La La La” days? Who doesn’t miss that image. ^^ I really do. Kekeke~ I just love “Always” ‘s mv. It’s just so adorable! ^__^

English version

Credits: cutievicky92 @youtube

Right now, I really cannot wait until August when Big Bang is making their comeback!! >W< I’m extremy excited! ^__________^