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Raymond Lam 林峯 Concert!

November 28, 2010


I went to my first concert! LOL

林峯 Raymond Lam is sooo good looking in real life! =D

I went to his mini concert today, and it was amazing.! His live singing is fantastic! The sad thing is that he only sang 9 songs. T__T
His “mini” concert was for sure “mini”. V_V

So stupid of me to not have my camera with me! #(*%#)(@*
I had to use my crappy phone to take videos. -__-” I hate that camera on my phone. So horrible D:

But, when I came home from the concert, I was spazzing so much. XD

I’m getting sleepy now. LOL I’ll talk more tomorrow. ;D


SHINee in Hong Kongg!!!~ <3

February 6, 2010

Wha!! ksdlfjkas;fnmklsafj;iagnmfklasd;gn;klafnmkldamfkl;sa

Ehehhe. sorry about that. ><

I heard that SHINee is going to be in Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year Countdown Party. *dies*

On February 13th at 10:30pm at “tmtplaza” guests, SHINee, Raymond Lam and HOTCHA will be joining the many Hong Kong citizens to welcoming the new year of the Tiger. *dies take 2*

More Info:

Credits:: http: //

Date: 13 February 2010 (Sat)
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Main Atrium, 1/F
Guests: SHINee, Raymond Lam and Hotcha

Details: Upon purchase of HK$800 from any two shops at tmtplaza on the same day*, together with the electronic payment receipts such as Octopus, EPS & credit card (cash payment will not be accepted), customer is entitled to an entry ticket of the countdown party. (while stocks last)
Date: 5 Feb 2010 (while stocks last)
Time: 1:00pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Concierge, 3/F

*Receipts on 4 Feb can be used on 5 Feb for redemption, on-day receipts must be used for other days


WHYYYY AM I NOT IN HONG KONG! TT____________________TT

First FT Island in Hong Kong now SHINee! *dies take 3* I wish I can be in Hong Kong. Seriously, how come no one comes during the summer when I’m there. T__T

AND, SHINee and RAYMOND LAM on the same stagee!!! Ahhhhhhhh! <3333333 …… I don’t really like the HOTCHA part. Ehehehe~ I never really got into them. =__=”

But….I really want to go. T^T . The only thing that I hope is they broadcast the show here in Canada on our Chinese channel because each year they would broadcast some Chinese New Year shows from Hong Kong.

*crosses fingers*

Just in case SHINee fans don’t know who Raymond Lam and HOTCHA are…..

Raymond Lam  ❤


AND ofcourse SHINee. <33333333333