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Fave Dream Concert performances 2010~ ^^

May 30, 2010

The Dream Concert was held last week on May 22, and finally it has been aired to the public on May 30th. ^___^

With many artists that performed that day, I have a few favourites out of all the perfomances. >W<

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Kekekekeke~ I love the intro a lot!~ >W< What is there to say, it’s SHINee = good performance. >W<

Super Junior – BONAMANA

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears

Even though the song is not on my fave list, it’s nice to see the Wonder Girls back. ^__^

2PM – Without U + Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

I’m liking these 2 songs a lot now!!~ ^__^

KARA – Lupin + We’re With You

I like how they got onto the stage for Lupin. Pretty cool stuff. =)

4minute feat. BEAST – What’s Next + Huh

Another good performance. Huh has been on repeat these days. xD


I’m not a super fan of MBLAQ, but…hot. xDD

BEAST – Special

f(x) – NU ABO

I LOVE it! xDDDD f(x) Fightingg!~ ^^ Amber~

U-Kiss – What

CREDITS: CrazyCarrot330 @youtube

Overall, I think everything went very well. Kyaa~ SHINee. ❤

Even though no YG Ent artists attended …Big Bang. V_V *sniffy* I wish Big Bang and FT Island attended. >.<

But yeah~ Another thing I like is are the fans. Like, they are very supportive when their fave group performed. I’m very proud of the Shawols. Like, it’s very cool when the fans does their chants or sing along for certain parts when the artists are performing. ^^


Happy 2nd SHINEEVERSARY~~ <33

May 24, 2010

Wahh~ it’s been 2 years already since SHINee debuted. >W<



SHINee’s Debut. <333

Wahh~ Amazing how fast time passes. >W<

I found this video on a SHINee forum and thought that it’s pretty cool~ ^_^ It shows the differences of SHINee in all 3 of their performances in the Dream Concert. >W<

Credits: xDutchSuperJuniorFan @youtube

I’m so proud of them!!~~ They have matured so much. >W< They are like improving everyday. <333 I am also very proud of the Shawols in the Dream Concert!~ They are just awesome!! ^___^ I bet SHINee is very happy to have such an awesome fanclub. ❤

SHINee FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!~~~

Hehe, Supporting you guys from across the ocean. ❤ >W<


Long Weekend lalalaa~ <3

May 23, 2010

Hehehehe~ Another rant entry. xD

Teehe~ It’s finally the long Victoria weekend. ❤ I am absolutely bored. and I have a ton of Geography to complete. xDDDD

This cute video made my day. >W<

Credits: Randy19976 @youtube

Taemin ahh~ You’re too cute. >W< His little pout at the end = <3. xDD


For me, I think there is only 24 days of school, including exams days. Uhhg. Just thinking about exams makes me shiver. =______= I’m really looking forward for the summer. I never really liked my school xPP.  and some of the people. xDD But, the think I’m really looking forward to is SHINee’s new album. They say it would be out soon. I just cannot wait!!! >W<


Taemin’s solo intro at Dream Concert 2010!~ <3

May 23, 2010

As a lot of you might know, that on May 22, 2010 was the Dream Concert! >W< lol. I wish I could have went. >.<

I saw some fancams of SHINee’s performances (not very clear though), and it seems like they did an awesome job! Hehehe~ of course, it’s SHINee. ;]

What really amazed me and loved was Taemin’s mini solo part in the begininng. <33 I LOVE IT!

His jump was amazing, and..I basically died watching him dance. xDDD

Check it out~

Credits: Randy19976 @youtube

I just can’t stop watching his jump. lol. xD

Credits: Randy19976 @youtube

If I find better quality vids of their performances, I would post them up. =]


G Dragon and Flo Rida performs Heartbreaker!!~

May 23, 2010

Omg. >W< Such an awesome performance.!!!~~~~ Even though GD and Big Bang didn’t attend the Dream Concert, G-dragon rocked a performance at Flo Rida’s concert. ^__^


Credits: y88g @youtube

I’m not a Flo Rida fan, so all I really cared about was G-dragon in the performance. xDDDDDDDDD You guys must remember the plagerism issue between Heartbreaker and Flo Rida’s Right Round. V-V Well, everything is certainly for sure solved! ^__^ I don’t even think Flo Rida sued GD !

Lol~ G-dragon looks tiny beside Flo Rida. xDDD

Always Supporting You GD!!!!!!!!! ❤


4minute comes back with Huh on M!Countdown !~

May 20, 2010

Yessy, we all know that it’s been a while since we seen the 4minute girls. !

4Minute finally took their comeback today on M!Countdown with their newest song, “Huh”.

Comeback Performance:

Credits: CrazyCarrot310 @youtube

I personally find their comeback pretty good. ^_^ I’m not a 4minute super fan, but I’m growing into the song and their dancing is quite outstanding! ^^and I like that BEAST is featured in it. xD

Here’s the MV:

Credits: AsianMusicVideoHD @youtube


Idol Raising – Key Episode 8 !!~ <3

May 16, 2010

It’s been a busy and confusing week for me. Things are going not what they are suppose to go. o_o” ><

But yeah, here’s Key’s cut from Rising Idol this week, uploaded by minitabo2. ^^

Part 1:

Part 2:

Credits: minitabo2 @ youtube


Raising Idol Full Episode 7~

May 9, 2010

So yup. Here’s episode 7 that Randy19976s2 uploaded. ^__^

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Credits: Randy19976s2 @youtube


f(x) makes fierce NU ABO comeback on Music Bank!~ <3

May 7, 2010

After realeasing their Music video a few days ago, f(x) rocked their live comeback today on Music Bank. All I can say is the performance was…FIERCE! ^_____^

NU ABO (Live) – f(x) 100507

Credits: UnknownCarrot110 @youtube

I love that Luna and Amber are the ones who are holding the mics, while the others didn’t. So cool.~ I love the performance! Victoria‘s high kick, and when Amber threw her hat…those were awesome parts. ^__^


F(x) Releases NU ABO’s MV!!!~~

May 6, 2010

Wahahaa~ Finally the wait is overrrr!!~

Here it is!~

NU ABO – f(x)

Credits: sment

This is amazing~ Amber, Luna, Sulli, Victoria and Krystal..they all look amazing. ^__^ The choreography isn’t bad either. ^____^

Wahh~ I’m loving it! ^^

Can’t wait for their live performance now. >W<