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Fave Dream Concert performances 2010~ ^^

May 30, 2010

The Dream Concert was held last week on May 22, and finally it has been aired to the public on May 30th. ^___^

With many artists that performed that day, I have a few favourites out of all the perfomances. >W<

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Kekekekeke~ I love the intro a lot!~ >W< What is there to say, it’s SHINee = good performance. >W<

Super Junior – BONAMANA

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears

Even though the song is not on my fave list, it’s nice to see the Wonder Girls back. ^__^

2PM – Without U + Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

I’m liking these 2 songs a lot now!!~ ^__^

KARA – Lupin + We’re With You

I like how they got onto the stage for Lupin. Pretty cool stuff. =)

4minute feat. BEAST – What’s Next + Huh

Another good performance. Huh has been on repeat these days. xD


I’m not a super fan of MBLAQ, but…hot. xDD

BEAST – Special

f(x) – NU ABO

I LOVE it! xDDDD f(x) Fightingg!~ ^^ Amber~

U-Kiss – What

CREDITS: CrazyCarrot330 @youtube

Overall, I think everything went very well. Kyaa~ SHINee. ❤

Even though no YG Ent artists attended …Big Bang. V_V *sniffy* I wish Big Bang and FT Island attended. >.<

But yeah~ Another thing I like is are the fans. Like, they are very supportive when their fave group performed. I’m very proud of the Shawols. Like, it’s very cool when the fans does their chants or sing along for certain parts when the artists are performing. ^^


Raising Idol Full Episode 7~

May 9, 2010

So yup. Here’s episode 7 that Randy19976s2 uploaded. ^__^

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Credits: Randy19976s2 @youtube


Raising Idol Full Episode 6~

May 2, 2010

heheh. This time I found the whole episode uploaded, so I guess I’ll just post the whole episode 6. ^__^

Raising Idol Episode – 6

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Credits: Randy19976s2 @youtube


Dongho, Eli, Key, Thunder to be on a new variety show!

March 3, 2010

Credits:: chosun + omonatheydidn’t’s livejournal

“U-Kiss’s Dongho and Eli, SHINee’s Key, and MBLAQ’s Thunder are going to be regular guests on cable channel ComedyTV’s new program: ‘Raising Idols!’

As news of the recording spread fans wondered, “What kind of program is this?” “Is it another dating program?” “I’m looking forward to seeing them do more variety.”

One representative contacted T-News and said, “Dongho, Eli, Key, and Thunder were chosen for this show, which is a reality program where idol stars will explore and learn new things and skills every week. Since the cast is young and have lots of talent they’re likely to do a good job.

These four will start first recording the title video at 10 o’clock on the 5th.

They’ve all shown their knack for variety on several shows: Dongho and Eli on KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Baseball’ and ‘Star Golden Bell,’ Key on KBS Joy’s ‘SHINee’s Hello Baby,’ and Thunder on MBC Every1’s ‘Idol Army.’ The union of these rising stars from each group is piquing a lot of interest.”

Aiyaaaa~~ I’m very very excited!!!!! Dongho + Key in the same show! *melts*. xD I can’t wait!!!!!
Kekekkeee~ this just made my entire sucky day into a happy one. >W<


U-Kiss’ 2 Bingeul Bingeul MV Released + Comeback On Music Bank

February 5, 2010


Looks like the boys are getting hotter day by day. >W<

DONGHO!! <3333

Credits:: KpopFun2 @youtube

Version 2 :: (this one is hawt. ;] )

You might not see much of a difference at first, but there is this definitely difference is that there are glimpses of U-Kiss members topless. *____* so hottt.

and here’s their comeback on Music Bank.

Credits:: UKISSforever @youtube

Heheheeee~ I’m really loving the song, it’s already on repeate. ;] But I have to say that I prefer Man Man Ha Ni.  :3


U-Kiss’s MV Teaser released!~

January 31, 2010

Credits:: 23kwon@youtube


U-Kiss’s newest album, which will drop in stores on February 3rd, will carry the song, Bingeul Bingeul (빙글빙글).

Hohooo~ Those tattoos and eyeliner are melting me. xDDDDD

I can’t wait for their full MV and comebackk. ❤

Dongho. ❤


U-Kiss’s Without You!~~

January 27, 2010

those are some hot abs!!~

Well, after Man Man Ha Ni, looks like U-kiss is coming back with their first full length album, “Only One”. It would be available for digital download on January 27, and the album would be in stores on February 3rd. According to Allkpop, U-kiss haven’t set a comeback date yet.

Without You is the the song that they will be promoting. ^__^

I have to say, this song is very addictive. >w<It’s already on repeat.

This is the track list for “Only One”.

2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Credits:: Allkpop

To be honest, I got really interested in U-Kiss by seeing Dongho from Maknae Rebellion. xDD