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SHINee’s preformance at SBS Daejun~

December 29, 2010

Lucifer – SHINee (ft: f(x))

Credits: stu123h

HOLY (@)*$*#%&_@)#(*!!!~
This is the hottest Lucifer performance everr! This performance pwns~ ♥♥

Sadly they were having mic problems. Key‘s butterfly heart part. ><

The intro just killed me. xDD SHINee in chains!!?
I was watching “Replay” the other day, and I would have never imagined that the cutie boys would pick up this concept soooo friggen HOT! ♥ xD

I’m not a Minho bias, but when he did his rap I was like…♥__♥
Teehee~ Taemin is soo friggen hot! This baby is growing up into a seriously hot man. I love his hair xDD Key …makes me speechless. Gorgeous ♥ Can’t forget Onew! His bangs ~ ;D
ANND ~ The hottie in the cage..;D Jonghyun~ xD
Sorry ~ I just had to spazz that out. ~ Fangirl moment. ;D

LOL~ I love how the audience are cheering for SHINee while holding up TOP and GD banners. ^____^ So nice of them to support shining SHINee too~ ♥


SBS Daejun 2010 Opening~

December 29, 2010

Oh my friggen gosh~ This is sooo adorablee!!!!~ ♥

SBS Gayo Daejun Opening~

Credits: gibickys @youtube

Mini CN Blue made me laugh so hard. LOOL XD
The little boy with the blue guitar ~ So cute. xDD

Mini SHINee!!!! XDD Adorable! I love how their clothing resembles what SHINee wears. xD Mini Onew wearing that revealing fishnet shirt. xDDD

Mini BoA is rocked the stage by herself. xD That charisma she had. LOOL

All the mini version of the idol groups are cute. xDD I couldn’t help but replay this. xDDD


SHINee’s Jonghyun is dating Shin Sekyung

October 27, 2010

Breaking News for all SHAWOLS OUT THERE!!!

It has been recently confirmed that SHINee‘s Bling Bling Jonghyun is dating his ideal type….Shin Sekyung!

If you guys remember that part in Hello Baby, Jonghyun admited that Shin Sekyung is his ideal type and even added her to the drawing of Yooguen‘s brain. LOL

I guess, it’s trueee!~


One associate that saw the two commented, “They can’t spend a lot of time together since they’re both busy.  They communicate through texting or phone calls and usually just take walks in the early morning around their homes.”

Meeting each other became a kind of opportunity to rest for them.  They share a lot of the same hobbies and thoughts, which is why they were able to get so close so fast.  The two became stars at a young age and have hardships that aren’t able to be expressed in words.  Those points became a sort of strength to one another.”

Shin Se Kyung’s agency, Namoo Actors, stated, “It’s been a month since they began meeting one another.  They have good feelings for one another and are currently getting to know each other.”

Jonghyun’s agency, SM Entertainment, also carefully stated, “We heard that they met each other through other people.  Their relationship is just now beginning.”

Credits: Allkpop

Omg. I’m seriously…speechless right now. LOL

I’m SUPER shocked, and surprised, kinda upset and happy for Jonghyun. LOL
Seriously….when I first read the title, I thought it was just a rumor….I guess it’s not. -__-”
I always thought that SME doesn’t let their idols date…hmm. >__>

I neeed a SPAZ moment……

~They admitted after one month….that’s pretty fast….
~My heart is broken </3
~I swear…if they say something about Taemin and Key dating some other girl….I don’t think my heart can handle it. LOOL

~I’m glad that Jonghyun got the girl of his dreams. LOL
~Shin Sekyung is one damn lucky women! XD
~They look absolutely adorable in the picturesss~
~I wish them all the best. ^__^

NOWW GUYS~ ……………….

** What I do hope is that Shawols won’t start bashing on either Shin Sekyung and even Jjong. >< Like…I know Sekyung has fans who is gonna hate this too. ><
I was on youtube a few minutes ago, and people were like…”OH ~I want to kill her!”. SERIOUSLY!??? -___-”
It takes a lot ofcourage for both Jjong and Shin Sekyung to admit this to ALL their fans. They are both risking in loosing fans too.
I admit….I’m upset.  and I was spazzing a lot. LOOL~ but you have to think about it like this…..there are only 5 members of SHINee….do you really think that out of a million Shawols worldwide, you would have a big chance of actually marrying them. ?
Let’s be  happy for our cutie Jjong. 🙂
Lol~ I heard that a lot of noonas are crying…….i was about to cry from shock

and not turn our backs to him cuz he’s dating. >< or even bashing on the girl. ><

Jonghyun BB, even though you are taken….and doesn’t even know I exist in this world…..I still support you and SHINee.  ♥

Lmao~ I can’t sleep now. xDDD


Key and Minho lipsync to FT Island’s Love Love Love!!~

October 4, 2010

Omg. this is sooo adorable! xDD

Credits : shineelucifer300

Lool~ Key’s face at 0:48. xDD
Ahh~ Key you’re too precious. >W<


SHINee releases “Hello” MV!

October 4, 2010

Credits: SM

I think I’m gonna go crazy soon! THE ENDING!!


Key and his ring, Taemin and that doll thingy, Onew and those flowers, Minho and that giant teddy, and Jonghyun come to my door! LOOL. xDD


So sweet and cute. A total 90 degree change from Lucifer.

IM IN LOVE~ ♥___♥


SHINee comebacks with “Hello”!! ♥

October 1, 2010


Credits: UnknownCarrot160

Seriouslyy!~ IM IN LOVEE!~

love Taemin’s voice! I’m so happy that he and Minho gets to sing more. >W<
I think they all have awesome hair now. >W<
Seriously….Key was killing me throughout the performance.>W< ♥ ..
I really squealed when Jonghyun and Key did the peace signs. Lol. xDD ♥♥♥

Omoo~ This just made my morning. ^__^

I woke up earlier to watch this. =D

Now I have to go to school. -___-


SHINee releases “Hello” comeback teaser!~

September 30, 2010


Credits: SM


When the first second started and I saw Taemin‘s face…I screamed. OMG.
I LOVEEE Taemin’s strong solo vocal part! ❤ I’m so happy BB gets to sing like this. >W<

At 0:09 KEY’S FACE! OMG! *Dies*

They are soooo cute!
Onew, those flowers are for me right?? ;D jks

Minho, you look darn hot in that car. ;33
and Jonghyun….oh god….♥

Seriously…I can’t wait for the full MV!!! ♥


Sorry for the spazz. xDD


SHINee is set to make a comeback with “Hello” ! ♥

September 27, 2010

Looks like our SHINee boys are set to make a comeback again with a new track called, ‘Hello’.

They will be releasing their new re-packaged album, “Hello,” on October 4th.

Credits: allkpop


The title track of their new album is said to be a modern pop song with a concise rhythm and repetitive synth sounds. The smooth vocals and harmony come together as a trendy R&B pop song that expresses the love they feel for a special woman. The lyrics themselves are said to be quite bright.”

SHINee is set to make their comeback on October 1st on KBS’s “Music Bank.”!

I seriously CANNOT wait! >W<
Gosh!~ When I heard about this news,  I swear my heart triple beated! XDD

I literally screamed….again. xDDD

This made my entire day and tomorrow. xDDD

Lool~ Why did they make Key BB wear all red? All weell. Whatever Key wears is hot. xDD
TAEMIN! why are you soo cute!? xDD

SHINee I love you. >W< ♥



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival + Chuseok! ;D

September 23, 2010

I hope everyone who is either celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival or Chuseok is having a good time. ^_^

My family celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival. ^_^

I really want to try the sticky rice that are for celebrating Chuseok.! >W<

Happy Chuseok or Mid Autumn Festival! ♥

I think both SHINee and FT Island looks fantastic in their hangboks. >W<

I wish they took some Chuseok pictures this year. >w<

These pics are from 2008.. ^^

SHINee~ ♥

FT Island. ♥


Happy Birthday Key!!!~ ♥

September 22, 2010

It’s actually September 23 in Korea….so It’s Kibummie’s 20th (19th) birthdayy! ♥

Happy 20 (19th) Birthday Key!!~

I love you so muchy~ x3

Key Oppa, I wish you all the best and have the happiest birthday ever and more to come! >W< ♥♥

Waaaah~ SHINee’s Umma and Diva finally reached his 20s! =OO
I now really want to go eat cake with Key.…..Lol~ when do I not want to. >W<

Like what I do with other idols’ birthdays…..KEY PICTURE SPAM! =DDD
I honestly have like FILES of Key pictures. Lol. xD It would take forever if I were to upload them all……here’s just part of my collection. ;3

See how our Key Baby changed since debut ? >W< ♥
Key I love you. :3

I don’t think anyone can brush their teeth this sexy. >W< ♥♥♥