Long Weekend lalalaa~ <3

May 23, 2010

Hehehehe~ Another rant entry. xD

Teehe~ It’s finally the long Victoria weekend. ❤ I am absolutely bored. and I have a ton of Geography to complete. xDDDD

This cute video made my day. >W<

Credits: Randy19976 @youtube

Taemin ahh~ You’re too cute. >W< His little pout at the end = <3. xDD


For me, I think there is only 24 days of school, including exams days. Uhhg. Just thinking about exams makes me shiver. =______= I’m really looking forward for the summer. I never really liked my school xPP.  and some of the people. xDD But, the think I’m really looking forward to is SHINee’s new album. They say it would be out soon. I just cannot wait!!! >W<


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