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Cookies “Party Animal” 派對動物

August 30, 2010

Hmm~ I was looking at my C-pop folder and I saw this song by Cookies a used to be 9  membered group to a 4 membered group, to now solos.

The song is called,  派對動物 which translated to “Party Animal”.  This song is at least ….4 years old? But, it’s a pretty good song. ^^

Like I said, Cookies was actually a 9 membered group (just like SNSD. xD) in 2002. At that time in Hong Kong, they were the biggest membered girl group. Like there was no SNSD back then so Hong Kong was like…what..9 cookies? A week ago, I heard that they were gonna come back as 9 members or something?? O_o I even heard that one member is already married?? Lol. No clue what happened to Cookies.

9 Membered Cookies –  心急人上

So yeah. They were that cute innocent image type… I was little and I couldn’t really tell who is who. and still can’t. XD

The only members I know are the members that got chosen to be in the 4 membered “Mini Cookies” group. >_>
Stephy, Theresa, Micky and Kary.
Then Cookies broke up, and each member went solo. Right now I still hear about Stephy, Theresa and Kary. But..I hardly hear about Micky. o__O”

Like, Stephy released a new album I think called. No One Knows

and Theresa looks different now. xD

So basically yah. That’s my random rant about Cookies. xD

I think I’m missing the C-pop during the 2002-2005 times. =)


FT Island makes a comeback!!~

August 27, 2010

FT Island FIGHTING! ♥ >W< Omg. I’m so happy! I already preordered their single on Yesasia!!
Remember to support FT Island by purchasing their single! ^^

Love Love Love – FT Island (100827)

Credits: hongstar26

Since this episode of Music Bank was broadcasted in 57 countries (I WAS SO MAD! I couldn’t watch it! T__T ) You can see the Primadonnas from Hong Kong giving our FT Island boys support!
LOL~ when I first watched the video was I was like..OMG HONG KONG! =D

Seunghyun‘s rap is so sexy! LOL. xPP Hongki’s voice never disappoints me….and JAEJIN! Minhwan needs more cam time. T__T I think I’m liking Jonghun‘s hair..better than the blonde. xD But…Hongki‘s hair. T__T



Hwanniefti11 ONE year Anniversary~ ♥

August 27, 2010

Guess what!~


Hwanniefti11 is already ONE years old!!!~  =3

I would love to give all you wonderful people a big………


♪Happy birthday to…Hwanniefti11…~ ♪
Lol. xD

Last year today was the day, that I made my first most random entry. >_> Lol~ XD
The day that I actually took the courage and decided to actually make a blog. LOL.

But yah. ^__^
I’m still trying to improve this blog to make it better. And I’m not a very techy person. T__T
Lol~ Suggestions would be welcomed?! XD

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog!~ ^^


FT Island releases “Love Love Love” MV! ♥

August 25, 2010

Today is too awesome. >W<

Love Love Love – FT Island MV

Credits: ftisland


Big Bang releases “Beautiful Hangover” MV! ~

August 24, 2010

Omg. Kekeke~ So many releases that I think I’m gonna faint of happiness!!~ >W<

Credits; hkBB2ST


Angry GD = sexy dexy <~ made no sense. xD

Ahh~ First SHINee, then FT Island and Big Bang. ….My summer isn’t bad after all. ^________^ ♥


FT Island releases Beautiful Journey! ♥ [updated]

August 24, 2010


*can’t talk too excited*

Calluses Being Stuck…

Baby Love

Don Quixote’s Song

Credits: Allkpop


You’re the Crazy One

So happy! ^_______^

Omg. Jaejin ah! Your hair! T_________T
I have to get used to it. ><


Sorry Guys! ><

August 24, 2010

Hey guys,

Okay…there seems to be something wrong with my photobucket account so a lot of the pictures here from my previous entries might not be accessable.  What  I mean is that the pictures would not be there.  =__=”

I’m sorry. ><

I uploaded the side 2 gifs again, so you guys can see how cute Taemin and Jaejin is again. Lol. xD

sorry sorry~


FT Island releases Comeback teaser “Love Love Love” ♥

August 23, 2010


Credits: ftisland @youtube

I miss them so much!! >W<

Hmm~ Interesting teaser. FT island are puppets? Fire? Omg. I’m soo excited now! >W< The beginning of the teaser reminded me of some music box lol, and then with Hongki‘s singing, it sounds like they are back to their old sad ballads again?? >W< =D

KYAA~ So excted! ♥_______♥


Easy Sparkly Nails =)

August 23, 2010

This summer holiday, I really have been interested in painting my nails. ^^

I just thought that you guys my be interested in doing some sparkly nails. =3
Cuz, I’m bored. xD

*** Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I had to use my phone camera because I can’t find my camera. -___-” ***


**Sorry if I explained the steps unclear or anything. I’m not very good at explaining my steps. xD

Let’s start! ^^
*I was inspired by Bubzbeauty‘s nail design. ^^

Stuff you would need:

1.) Some fine white or pink glitter
2.) Base Coat
3.) Top Coat
4.) Some art stones (optional) (you can get them at any craft stores)
5.) Nail Polish remover (for any mistakes.  ^^)

Hehe~ my Big Bang Big Show 2009 album in the back. xDD

* You might want to shape your nails if first if you want. ^__^

First Step:

Apply the base coat on your nails. Base coat is really important since it protect your nails. =]

Second Step:

When the base coat is dried, apply a strike of top coat on the tip of your nails.

Third Step:

Dip your finger nail into the fine glitter.

Tap off the extra glitter off your nail.

Fourth Step:

Apply the top coat over your nail. (2 coats would work well. ^^)

Fifth Step: (optional)

From the ‘art stones’ you have, stick one on the top side of your nail. ^^

I chose the star shaped one. ^^

Then add a layer of top coat, andd…YOU’RE DONE. ^__^


Taeyang – I”ll Be There

August 19, 2010

Oh my! I think  I’m loving the MV! 😀

SHIRTLESS TAEYANG I like it. 🙂 The song is getting on me, and the MV really gave me the chills. :O Taeyang is just…cool and amazing! :3

Goshy~ I miss Big bang a lot now. can’t wait for their comeback! >W<

What do you awesome people think? :3