Happy 2nd SHINEEVERSARY~~ <33

May 24, 2010

Wahh~ it’s been 2 years already since SHINee debuted. >W<



SHINee’s Debut. <333

Wahh~ Amazing how fast time passes. >W<

I found this video on a SHINee forum and thought that it’s pretty cool~ ^_^ It shows the differences of SHINee in all 3 of their performances in the Dream Concert. >W<

Credits: xDutchSuperJuniorFan @youtube

I’m so proud of them!!~~ They have matured so much. >W< They are like improving everyday. <333 I am also very proud of the Shawols in the Dream Concert!~ They are just awesome!! ^___^ I bet SHINee is very happy to have such an awesome fanclub. ❤

SHINee FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!~~~

Hehe, Supporting you guys from across the ocean. ❤ >W<


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