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Why does my heart hurts…..:(

December 19, 2010

What a great way to start off my day. T___T

I seriously don’t get it anymore. How did it even happen! >< I really wish that sometimes I can be different.




I’m sorry. I really need to let out my sadness…somehow. T.T


I wish that I never met him. <\3


Good Morning…Afternoon! =D

November 21, 2010

Ah~ Just woke up! Don’t you just love Sunday mornings!!!! ^^ or in my case…Sunday afternoons!  I love sleeping in! ^^
I am finally feeling much better. After a night’s sleep, I tried not to think about it too much….. Akk~ Now I’m actually thinking about what happened yesterday! T__T

…..but you know what.? My main problem at this second is I’M HUNGRY! >w<


I would be back to my K-pop entires some time soon. Just thought to blog about my life sometimes. x3


Listening to “Smile Again” – Ryeowook. Ryeowookie’s voice is so amazing! ♥ I’m a weird person. When I’m sad or just not in the mood, I prefer listening to sad ballad songs. Yesterday, I kept listening to ballad songs. (♥ to FT Island’s amazing ballad songs! ) It doesn’t cheer me up a lot, but it makes me think that I’m not the only one person who is going through such a hard time. I’m not the one person who is feeling sad. And, it fits my mood. I tend to listen to songs that fits my mood at that moment.

Seriously, I think this week went by soooo slow! Glad that it’s over.  Now, I have a feeling that this coming week would also. -__-” Well….maybe it’s because that I have something to look forward to every Saturday! But, now I’m kind alooking forward to it and not because of what happened yesterday. =__=” I really don’t like some people. ><

Hate Mondays so much. Always the crappiest day ever! T__T I always wake up later than usual.  and the day takes forever to end at school. -__- Not looking forward tomorrow!

Something Random~
I LOSS 5 POUNDS! So happy. xD I didn’t do anything either. I ate like instant Ramen twice a week though….xD But, the thing is…I can’t see my weight loss. T__T
SERIOUSLY DON’T SEE IT! When I gain weight, it comes to my face first. I have chubby cheeks….if I gain weight it can be obvious cuz when I smile my cheeks gets EXTRA chubby. -___-”
I’m actually average weight…but loosing 10 pounds more won’t hurt. Cuz, I hate my thighs. Dx

Sorry. Felt like ranting about that. xDDD


My Goal For Today!:
~Finish some history work (I have soo much to do. -___-” )
~ Try not to get depressed and down because of stupid people!


NEEDA get some fooddd! =D

Peace Out! 😀


Ahh~ First day of school

September 7, 2010

If you guys remember from my entries before, I never really liked the school I’m going to right now. xP

*This is basically just a random rant about my first day. Not important. I just want to share this with someone.

** I sound whiney and pathetic here…please don’t mind. LOOOL
My ranting moments. xD

So far, my classes are alright. I HAVE THE SUCKEST SCIENCE CLASS IN THE WORLD! T__________T
Seriously, I hate that class like celery! Noisy people, annoying people, over dramatic people all together = DISASTER CLASS! =_=” How on earth did I got put into that class. And apparently, my teacher is a pretty tough marker. AHHKK! I don’t think I would be able to survive that that class with all those annoying people. Like, my marks are not bad ….I’m not worried about that…BUT THE PEOPLE! OMG!

My morning classes are pretty okay. Good enough, you can say. Then in the afternoon is Music and Science. Music is okay I guess…..but science….don’t even want to think about it. -_-”

Well, there seems to be a lot more niners this year. LOL. But, that’s okay I guess. Seeing them finding their way, getting lost, asking me where is where…..makes me think back to my first day in highschool. LOL. Never liked it though. -___-”

You see, the thing about my highschool is that there are hardly any new students!!!  Each year, the people in your class are the same people..not exactly the same people but they are people that have been in my classes before. LOOL~ How am I suppose to meet new people when the there I know already. Makes me laugh everytime. Like, in grade 9 in my classes are people from my middle school with some new people. Lmao.



You know…..I always had a dream about meeting some idol lookalike as my friend LMAO. xDD My friends are always like….”You and your Asian music..-_-”  I’m pathetic..I know.
But hey, it’s a dream! XP
Doubt that it would ever happen. xDDD Fangirl dreams.

Well….I’m not gonna rant too much. LOOL~ Cuz thinking again…it’s not THAAAT bad…. Basically, I didn’t expect too much this year so I’m not depressed just kinda disappointed with some people. I’m just kinda pissed off at my friend right now. -____-”

AHHH~ I have to suck it up. -__-”

Wish me luck. LOOL~ I probably need it. =.=”


Fixing Dried Nail Polish!~

August 3, 2010

It’s like 1:40am right now, and I can’t fall asleep! So I decided to BLOG! =DD

While cleaning the house today(LOOL~ I was actually cleaning. xDD), I found a few bottles of nail polish. The colour was pretty nice, the thing was that they were dried. No wondered somebody put them in the cupboard.-.-

Sooo~~ I decided to rescue the dried nail polish. =333

It’sactually  pretty simple. All you need is Nail Polish Remover. !

Grrr~ Crappy phone camera. =___=

Dried Nail Polish

You need a little bit of Nail Polish Remover. ^^

Step 1.) Take the naill polish remover and pour a little bit into the nail polish. NOT TOO MUCH…because it might become too watery. Add bit by bit.

Step 2.) Shake the bottle. ^^ If the nail polish is really thick, try stirring it with a Q-tip or a toothpick, and then shake it.

v I’m suppose to be shaking, if you can’t tell what I’m doing. LOOL

AND the nail polish is rescued! ^_____^

Dan Dannn~♪  Good as new. ^^

Ahahaha~ Random entry, something different eh? Well, I hope this helps!! ^__^


Finally Done Exams!!~

June 24, 2010

Wah~ I’m so happy that exams are now…officially OVERRR~~ Lalalal~ Summer holidays~ xD

Noww, I just have to wait to get my report card. >___<

But yeahh~ SUMMER ISH HERE! >W<

I really want to go to the beach now. xDD


Long Weekend lalalaa~ <3

May 23, 2010

Hehehehe~ Another rant entry. xD

Teehe~ It’s finally the long Victoria weekend. ❤ I am absolutely bored. and I have a ton of Geography to complete. xDDDD

This cute video made my day. >W<

Credits: Randy19976 @youtube

Taemin ahh~ You’re too cute. >W< His little pout at the end = <3. xDD


For me, I think there is only 24 days of school, including exams days. Uhhg. Just thinking about exams makes me shiver. =______= I’m really looking forward for the summer. I never really liked my school xPP.  and some of the people. xDD But, the think I’m really looking forward to is SHINee’s new album. They say it would be out soon. I just cannot wait!!! >W<


Just a random rant. V____V

October 18, 2009

*sighh*..I’m really not feeling very depress right now. I’m tired, sleepy and just want to rant. >__> It’s like the second month of school and I don’t really like it…and all my good friends are in other schools. =_=” To be honest, I don’t really like my school. Yea, I have friends, the teacher are really good… but the thing is that they don’t share the same interests as I do. T__T Like, I listen to K-pop, C-pop and J-pop..none of my friends does, I LOVE watching Korean dramas, no one watches it, I LOVE watching anime and reading manga, no one reads it. and they think that anime is weird. =___=” *facepalm to them* 😛 Like, I feel left out when they talk about their things that I don’t know about. T^T

and I have no one to share my FT Island info with. =_=” I tell my friends about FT Island, they don’t really get it because they don’t know who they are. =_=”

That’s when I shove pictures of FT Island in their faces and show them how cute they are. >:D

I want to meet new friends, but I can’t. How can I meet new friends when practically all the people in my high school are from my old school. O__O and they are the people that I don’t like are just the kind of people that I don’t want to be with. You know what I mean? Like, they aren’t very nice people.  Some of them even do drugs. I’m serious! V____V

I guess you can say that I’m picky with friends, but really, I just need a friend that has common with me and is nice. (Hehehe~ I can’t think of a better word than nice..xD)*sighh* this is a challenge for me. =_=”‘

Maybe I should join more teams to meet more people. Gah~ I’m a shy person, but then again when I get close with someone I am very..loud. XD *sighhh* I guess maybe it’s only the second month of school, and I’m still trying to get use to this new school and such. =________________=”

Teehee~ I feel a little better now that I ranted it out. XD  *yawns* I really want to sleep but I have a science project to finish. T__________T (LOL and I’m on my blog..xDD)