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Cookies “Party Animal” 派對動物

August 30, 2010

Hmm~ I was looking at my C-pop folder and I saw this song by Cookies a used to be 9  membered group to a 4 membered group, to now solos.

The song is called,  派對動物 which translated to “Party Animal”.  This song is at least ….4 years old? But, it’s a pretty good song. ^^

Like I said, Cookies was actually a 9 membered group (just like SNSD. xD) in 2002. At that time in Hong Kong, they were the biggest membered girl group. Like there was no SNSD back then so Hong Kong was like…what..9 cookies? A week ago, I heard that they were gonna come back as 9 members or something?? O_o I even heard that one member is already married?? Lol. No clue what happened to Cookies.

9 Membered Cookies –  心急人上

So yeah. They were that cute innocent image type… I was little and I couldn’t really tell who is who. and still can’t. XD

The only members I know are the members that got chosen to be in the 4 membered “Mini Cookies” group. >_>
Stephy, Theresa, Micky and Kary.
Then Cookies broke up, and each member went solo. Right now I still hear about Stephy, Theresa and Kary. But..I hardly hear about Micky. o__O”

Like, Stephy released a new album I think called. No One Knows

and Theresa looks different now. xD

So basically yah. That’s my random rant about Cookies. xD

I think I’m missing the C-pop during the 2002-2005 times. =)


Little Dimple (小酒窝) ~

August 13, 2010

I’m currently liking this song. ^^

There are two versions of this song. Cantonese and Mandarin. =3

The MV is pretty cute itself. ^^

小酒窝 (Little Dimple) by JJ and Charlene Choi (mando)

小酒窝 (Little Dimple) by JJ and Charlene Choi (canto)

Credits: biraelin + Missgigi

I heard this song a while ago, and liked it and was lazy to find it on the net. xDDD It’s pretty cute. ^^ C-pop!! xD

To be honest, I haven’t got my interest back in Cantonese pop yet. Like…I really like Jason Chan, Joey Yong and Raymond Lam, but there isn’t anything about them that would make me go gaga for. >< I used to be a big fan of a girl Hong Kong group called, Twins when I was like in grade 3. Charlene Choi is in Twins. But, after the incident with Gillian and stuff, I really lost interest with them. Really, idols in Hong Kong are getting old. xDD *don’t kill me*. xD I really like GEM too (she’s young xD) but….it’s the style. There is no good idol group. Before, Twins was a HUGE HIT! And I mean HUGE! They were very known. When they debuted, they were cute and young! Kids, girls, boys, men, women, old or young, they LOVED them.! After, they got older, more mature and then the incident with Gillian occured, they went for a total down fall. I believe they’re back now. But, I can’t get into them any more. ><
As a Hong Konger, I really want the Hong Kong idol industry to be as sucessful as the KPOP industry or JPOP and get more known. Companise there do have potential. Though, stuff there is getting ridiculous. Really, no offense to those “LANG MOWS” (really young models) randomly coming out and in selling ‘books’ in the book fair thing….lost my interset. Yeh, they’re young, guys there love them, but….to be a big hit? and known worldwide? No, I don’t think so.

But god knows what would happen. Like the JPOP wave is kinda getting covered by the KPOP wave. I believe at one point in my life, people were obsessed with JDramas, JPOP and such. Now many people are into the Kpop, Kdramas. (that’s me. xDDD) ^^ So….would it be CPOP’s turn soon? Don’t Know. xDD But, in my opinion right xDD

God, I sound so biased or something. O__O

WELL,~ I like C-POP too. I like it more than JPOP. xP but….yah.