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SBS Gayo Daejun Performances!~ <3

December 29, 2009

I find that this year’s performances was fabulous!~~

Kekekeke~ I love SHINee‘s performances. ❤ Honestly, in an unbiased manner, can I say that they are all so HOT! >W<

SHINee’s Performances. ~

– Juliette (acoustic ver.) and Ring Ding Dong (remix ver.) [SHINee]

I really LOVE this version! So awesome. !! ❤ Ehehehehe~ I died seeing Taemin sleeping, and Key waking him him by …you’ll see. xDDDD  Too bad that Minho didn’t get to be in the little intro. ><

Jonghyun‘s voice cracked a little…but HIS VOICE IS JUST PLAIN AMAZING! ❤ Gaha~ I’m saying this again but…Taemin is so cuteeee~ and hot. ..and so is Onew, Key, Jonghyun and Minho!~ Heh. there was actually no point in writing the whole SHINee out but…you get the point don’t cha? ;]

– SHINee and Super Junior – GEE. [SHINee ~Taemin & Minho]

Minho singing Yuri’s part.  Why is Taemin so pretty. -__-” Heechul just makes me laugh. >W< I think they did an awesome job. ;]

Look at Taemin’s jump at 1:29. That’s one big jump. O___O

I SAY GEE! YOU SAY CHICKEN! ~ Hahahah..Heechul. xDDD

– Super Junior+SHINee+MBLAQ – MUZIK + Mister [SHINee ~ Key]

Hehehe~ Key is so fierce singing Muzik. ❤

For Your Love and Gone [K.Will and SHINee’s Jonghyun ]

F(x)’s Performances. ~

– Chu ~ ♡ with Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae + Magic

Kekeeke~ I loved Amber’s rapping. >W<

Ring Ding Dong. [f(x)‘s Sulli and Luna and Kara’s Hara and …]

I really liked this. Sulli is just so adroable.~ and I personally find that this dance is hard. -__-. [Personal experiences]

Sorry, Sorry. [f(x)‘s Amber and Krystal and SNSD]

keke~ I think they all did an awesome job. Esp, Amber {being biased again…} the hand part was amazing. ^__^

Personal Favourite Performaces~

– Male Rookie Showdown~ MBLAQ & BEAST

I personally think that the fight in the beginning was pretty…ehh…epic? xD but the dancing was awesome. ^__^

2PM – Bo Peep Bo Peep

2PM, 2AM and BEAST – Sign

2PM – Thriller

Beast and MBLAQ – Dangerous

– Beat it

– G-Dragon – Heartbreaker and Gossip Men.

Gahahaa~ GD’s beatboxing!~ ❤ Hehe~ Glad to have his hair back to black…the little bowl cut us so cute. >W<

– G-Dragon and Taeyang – slow version of Lie and Korean Dream.

Hehehe~ Baby GD and Taeyang. >W<

Kara, 4minute and After School -Heartbeat.

I find this pretty good. O__O

– After School – Because of You (remix ver.)

Even though I’m not a fan of After School, but I’m quite addicted to Because of You. It have been on repeat for a while on my Mp3. ;]

– Kara – Honey and Same Heart.

I have to say that the hair surprised me a little, but the performance was defiantly cute. I really like the background, very sweet. ^__^

– 2NE1 – uniform version of I Don’t Care and Fire.

and How can we forget about 2PM’s, You’re Beautiful Parody!!~?


Credits:: Allkpop, monmonsnowHD.

Kekekeke~ I wish I can be there in live. >3< but, really…awesome performances.!!!~ ^___^


A.N.JELL in a magazine?

November 4, 2009

Yes they are gonna!~ ^_^

A.N.JELL from the currently popularr  SBS’s drama, “You’re Beautiful,” will be featured in the next  High Cut magazine.

The theme of the photo-shoot was “Boys, Be Fabulous!”

Credits:: Allkpop

Arne’ t they just cute? xD and very manly for the first picture. xD


You’re Beautiful~ 미남이시네요 ~ <333

October 17, 2009

Zomg, I’m totally in love with this drama. >W< Watched episode 4 today. It’s so good!!~ Now we have to wait another week for the next 2 episodes. T_____T

I’m starting to like A.N.JELL a lot. Jang geun Suk as Tae Kyung is such a…….cool character. xD He seems like he doesn’t care for Go Min Nam (Park Shin Hye) but he helped her even though he’s acting so cool. >WW< So adorable. ~ and Hongki as Jeremy. Hehe~ His character is so cute and funny. 😀 I love him the most. 😉



Jung Yonghwa (from CN Blue) as Kang Shin Woo …his character just melts my heart…keke~ so does his look. xD

This is such a cute pic. xD

Hongki!! w<
CREDITS CLIP BY :: cashewmaniakpop CAP & UPPIC BY :: mystar_hoonnie @ soompi


Wonbin is back!?? ~ “You’re Beautiful”

October 14, 2009

Credits:: ifaah15

Ever since Wonbin left FT Island, not much has been said of him, except for the fact that he wanted to start his own solo career.
According to Allkpop, it said that earlier today, the OTS of the drama, “You’re Beautiful” was released. Wonbin sings the song with Miss $. The title of the OTS is, “하늘에서 내려와 (Coming Down from the Sky).”

Gahh!~ I’m so happy that Wonbinnie is ..sorta back. ^__^ I miss him so much. >W..w< but I’m kinda disappointed of the song. Wonbinne had so less to sing. T^T and his voice was higher too.
I almost didn’t recognize him. -__-” *slaps self*. Meeh~ at least he’s kinda back right? ^___^
I hope he releases a solo album soon. >W<
Wonbin Oppa~ We miss you so much. X3


Here are some pics of him with FT Island: <333


“You’re Beautiful!” ~ Drama

October 7, 2009

Thanks to wlqgoddbdP who uploaded the first episode of the drama, “You’re Beautiful”. ^___^

Credits:: wlqgoddbdp

*sighhh*…It looks pretty good. I only understood a little bit, because I don’t speak Korean. T____T
I wish I did. >.W< Man, Hongki ish so awesome. >W<


Hongki “You’re Beautiful” !~~

October 6, 2009


Kekekeke~ So the drama is airing tom!!! Well, actually October 7th at 10:00pm in Korea. =)
Which would 10:00am here. >__> ..Gah. I would be on my yucky hiking trip. =_=”
Gyaa~ I really cannot wait to watch it! It sounds so interesting!!!!!~~~~ ^___^


In the drama, Hongki is the drummer of the band, A.N.JELL. Hongki will play the role of “Jeremy“, a British-Korean. :3
Kekeke~ I bet Hongki took some pointers from Minhwan on playing the drums. :3
LOL. Those drumsticks look kinda like Minhwan’s. xD
Heh. I’m so used to seeing Hongki as the main vocalist and Minhwan as the drummer, that it seems kinda weird to see Hongki at the drums. xDDD

Keke~ A.N.JELL! ^__^