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SHINee wins on Music Bank!! ♥

July 30, 2010

Hehe~ as expected from SHINee. ^^

Congratulations SHINee !!!~ ♥

Onew was crying too much and couldn’t take the picture. xD

Credits: UnknownCarrot150 @youtube

Teeeheee~ Please Support SHINee by purchasing their album!! ^^

I just got mine yesterday!! ♥♥♥ >W<


SHINee Traffic Safety Song!~ <3

July 25, 2010


Credits: loveshawol@youtube

So cute!~ >W<

Baby Taemin is old enough to drive?. I want a ride!!!  x3   Key, talking while driving. xD Jonghyun the BA police. xD Onew, you’re so cute. xDD Don’t fall asleep xP

I love the mini cart part. soo cute~~

Minho must still have been recovering when they filmed this. V.V Get better soon ah!


SHINee Up & Down + Lucifer in Music Core!~

July 24, 2010

Aww~ They missed zooming at Key’s Hey Baby part. >3<

Kekeke~ SHINee did an awesome preformance again. :3

Heheheheheeee~ Taemin’s nipple showed durting Lucifer..x3


SHINee Finally makes their comeback!! :D

July 23, 2010

The wait is overrrraaa~ 😀

SHINee preformed two songs, Up & Down and of course. Lucifer. ^^

Minho sat out for the preformance because of his injury. Get better soon Minho ah! I’m glad SM didn’t make him dance! If they did, Iwould have been soo mad! =O

I LOVE IT! I love the comeback! I like how Key is so cute during Up & Down, Onew’s smile during U&D made me melt. xD Lucifer was a bam! Like…I always love how professional SHINee is. They get on stage. and WHAM. They do a fantastic job. ^__^Jonghyun’s voice never disappoints me. Heck, SHINee never dissappoints me. ^^

Taemin. You. Are. Sexy. =D

I never knew Taeminny can be so sexy. Loool~


SHINee Releases “Lucifer” MV!!!~ ♥

July 20, 2010

*is speechless*

Credits: SM

TAEMIN!! ♥♥ I died.

SHINee for sure never disappoints me. ^^ They are so hot!! OMG it’s not even funny. x3 Onew is so hot in all white. LOL DUBU! xD

Key is always hot. ;D Jonghyun…who doesn’t like that secy back? xD and Minho…I think Im getting used to you hair. ^^




SHINee releases Full Lucifer Album!!~

July 19, 2010

I have already ordered the album from yesasia already. Please support SHINee and order their album too!!! :3

Up & Down


Electric Heart


^ Very addicting. :3 Loverholic robotronic ~


Shout Out


Your Name


Ready or Not


Love Pain

Love Still Goes On

^ Hehehe~ KEY’S rap! “all about you, love you I wanna be with you” <~ From Our Love Should Go On I love this continuation. x33

Credits: jenningyou @youtube + SHINee soompi


Happy Birthday Lee Taemin!!!~ ♥

July 17, 2010


Happy Birthday Taemin Baby~~ ♥

Can’t believe he’s already 17 (18 Korean age) !!!!~ Baby is getting more and more good looking each day. >W<

I’m doing this according to the Korean date, cuz it’s already July 18th there.  >w<

Hope Taemin has a wonderful birthday with friends, members and family. ^_^

I came across this and find it

Credits: SHINee soompi

Taemin SPAM time!! ^^

Taemin grew up a lot. >W<