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BEAST Talks About SHINee during Interview~

June 22, 2010

Recently, we know that the Korean boy group BEAST were in the Philippines. During their Video Press Conference, they mention the Shiny SHINee boys. ^^

Beast Video Press Conference Transcript

1st question: Who are the bands that you look up to and is there something new that we can expect from Beast?

Beast: We like the band SHINee in Korea because they have teamwork, they’ve been so popular for a long time. We want to be like them.

cr: myxphilippines + Daily Dose of SHINee

Hehehe~ Such cuties. >W<


Fave Dream Concert performances 2010~ ^^

May 30, 2010

The Dream Concert was held last week on May 22, and finally it has been aired to the public on May 30th. ^___^

With many artists that performed that day, I have a few favourites out of all the perfomances. >W<

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Kekekekeke~ I love the intro a lot!~ >W< What is there to say, it’s SHINee = good performance. >W<

Super Junior – BONAMANA

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears

Even though the song is not on my fave list, it’s nice to see the Wonder Girls back. ^__^

2PM – Without U + Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

I’m liking these 2 songs a lot now!!~ ^__^

KARA – Lupin + We’re With You

I like how they got onto the stage for Lupin. Pretty cool stuff. =)

4minute feat. BEAST – What’s Next + Huh

Another good performance. Huh has been on repeat these days. xD


I’m not a super fan of MBLAQ, but…hot. xDD

BEAST – Special

f(x) – NU ABO

I LOVE it! xDDDD f(x) Fightingg!~ ^^ Amber~

U-Kiss – What

CREDITS: CrazyCarrot330 @youtube

Overall, I think everything went very well. Kyaa~ SHINee. ❤

Even though no YG Ent artists attended …Big Bang. V_V *sniffy* I wish Big Bang and FT Island attended. >.<

But yeah~ Another thing I like is are the fans. Like, they are very supportive when their fave group performed. I’m very proud of the Shawols. Like, it’s very cool when the fans does their chants or sing along for certain parts when the artists are performing. ^^


BEAST SHOCK MV Released!~ ^^

March 1, 2010

From the awesome teaser that was released earlier, looks like the full MV is out!! ^.^

Credits:: mrskwonjiyong @ youtube

Teeeheee~ Looks like BEAST transformed into a a more mature and dark image. Seems like many idols now are transforming to this kind of image eh? ;]

The girl at the end is a trainee from Cute Entertainment.

A representative stated : “This female is a trainee from BEAST’s company, Cube Entertainment. She is the same age as 4minute’s Kwon Sohyun and stands at 170 cm, and is currently training for a solo debut. You will soon be able to see her.”

Credits:: Allkpop

They all look very very attractive and I’m quite addicted to the song now. ^^


BEAST teases us with Shock!~

February 27, 2010

Jaa~ Are you excited already with the pictures?? xDD

Here, check out the teaserr!~

Credits:: B2STalert02 @youtube

Teehee~ Don’t you think that the teaser is “hot” in both ways? >W<

Another group to anticipate for. >W< !!!~


Locations of K-pop Idols!~

January 21, 2010

Hehehee~ I was surfing on one of the forums and I found this info. ^__^

Shows where Big bang, 2NE1, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, SHINee, MBLAQ, Rainbow, SNSD, f(x), 2AM, 2PM, 4Minute, BEAST, After School, and T-ara lives. xDD

I’m not sure how accurate this is but..hey this is very interesting. ^__^

As you see, SHINee and MBLAQ lives in the same area. ;]I want to live there with SHINee.

Big Bang and 2NE1 lives in the same area, not too surprising because they are from the same company. xD

KARA and Brown Eyed Girls lives in the same area.

Woo~ SNSD, 2AM, F(x), 4Minute and BEAST all lives in the same area. IDOL AREA! xDD

The river in the map refers to Han River in Seoul.

Boo~ Where does FT Island lives. V_______V

Credits:: Dipyramidal @ soompi


SBS Inkigayo Performance List => 2010.01.17

January 16, 2010

SBS Inkigayo 2010.01.17
Starts at 4:00pm KST

# Goodbye Stage #
* 2PM [Heartbeat + Tired oh waiting]
* Shinee [Jojo + Ring Ding Dong]

# Comeback Stage

* SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara [Wonder Woman]

# Hot Solo Debut #
* CNBLUE [I’m A Loner]
* ZE:A [Mazeltov]

# TAKE 7
* BEAST [Mystery]
* T-ara [Bo peep Bo peep]
* Shinee [JoJo]
* 2PM [Tired of waiting]
* Eun Ji Won [Siren]

# Hot Music
* HyunA [Change]
* Brian [My Lady]
* Ivy [Goodbye Tears]
* IU [Marshmallow]
* F.cuz [Jiggy]

# Fresh Music #
* Rainbow [Not your girl]
* Lisa (feat. 4Minute JiYoon) [Shall we get married]

Credits:: SHINee Soompi


SHINee on Music Bank!!!~

January 8, 2010

Heh. It’s been a while since I have blogged……I thought of posting a New Years entry..heh, I guess I’m too late. XD

Well, SHINee is back again, here in the brand new yearrr!~~ Yayayayaaa~ <333

I’m so happy that they are continuing to promote “Jojo“!!! I think that their performances are getting better and better!!! and Taemin‘s voice is just melts my heart…. *fangirl scream*….he improved a lot!! I’m so happy for him. >W<

I really LOVE their outfits!!~ It reminds me of their “Noona You’re So Pretty” days. So colourful and cute. >W< Onew is just so adorable with that hat!! Kekeke~ Dubu. ❤

Jojo on Music Bank 01/08/2010

Credits: yootina @ youtube

Key and IU‘s special stage was awesomeee~ I really enjoyed every minute of the performance! Key made a good MC Mong and IU’s voice is just so beautiful!! [I’m jealous. >3<] To me, IU looked kinda nervous and upset when Key put his arms around her when the song ended. I guess she is afraid of Key’s fans this time, since what happened last time with Yoseob from BEAST. Fans were upset. Many were saying very negative comments on her cyworld, that it has to be closed. >___<  I have to say, fangirls can be very scary. O_O Esp, with those “blood” letters last years to various celebs. That is just freaky and over the line, don’t cha think?

Okay…enough with my blabbering…check out the performance. ^__^

Key and IU

Gahaa~ Key is just too hot. xD

Yoseob and IU