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SHINee Likes Joey Yung praised that HK girls are cute!!~?

February 16, 2010

When I first read the title I was like, “Oh my geee~!!”. xDD Because Joey Yung is my favourite female Hong Kong singer/celebrity. ^_____^

“It was SHINee’s first time in HK to spend Lunar New Years. The boys all said that they felt very excited and fresh to spend the festival abroad and felt very happy to spend the Chinese New Years with HK fans. The 5 boys picked up the red greetings papers and firecrackers decorations to take pictures and played around happily like young kids! When asked about the differences between HK and Korea during Lunar New Years, they said “In Korea, we will eat Ddubukki soup and visit relatives house/ greet elderly or meet up with friends to play.” Besides Key, it was the members’ first time in HK and they wanted to visit Victoria Peak and Yumcha eat dimsum the most.

As this year’s CNY lied on Valentines Day, SHINee talked about their ideal types. Onew said that he particularly likes cute and well-behaved girls, Jonghyun likes fair-skinned and long hair-ed girls, Minho likes pretty and elegant girls. Taemin and Key said that they liked Emma Watson and Sienna Miller respectively. The 5 boys all agreed and praised that HK girls are very cute and charming: “We really like Joey Yung and Jacky Chan.”

In terms of their plans for this year, the 5 boys are planning to focus on the overseas market and hopes to do an Asian Tour Concert like other Korean singers. On the April 24th, they will perform in Yokohama with their hoobaes f(x) and Kim Bum etc.

Meanwhile the 5 boys finished their HK activities and flew back to Korea yesterday.”

Translation: vivz@soompi

SHINee on Scoop Hong Kong TV. ^__^

Credits:: yaziz7

Kekekekkeeee~ Taemin and his Emma Watson. xDDDDDDD Fanboy. x3

It’s really nice that they visited Victoria’s Peak. ^^ It’s really worth a visit if you go to Hong Kong. The scenary is more beautiful at night. >W<

Lool~ They like Jacky Chan. x3

To be honest, I was really surprised when I read that they like JoeyYung also. ^__^ I never knew that they know who she is. xDD

For those who doesn’t know who she is…


SHINee performing in TMTPlaza Countdown!~ <3

February 14, 2010


So lucky HK Shawols! Getting to start the new year with SHINee. >3<

SHINee in total performed 3 songs, along with playing a few games. ^^

They performed, Ring Ding Dong, Jojo, and Replay.

Credits: hkEntertainmentXpress @youtube

Ring Ding Dong



Onew and Key both played a Balloon Popping Game. Onew had to say Chinese New Year sayings in Cantonese, and Key had to name 10 fruits in English. Wahaa~ Onew you’re so good in Cantonese. <3. Lool~ and Key was able to only name 5 or 6 fruits and then in the end he said “Kung Hai Fat Choi” instead. SO CUTE~ and the MC was like..“What? Kung Hai Fat Choi is a fruit? xDDD”

lool~ When the MC heard how good Onew was speaking, he was like “wah! are your from Hong Kong??!!” xDDDD

Key, you’re too cute.~ xDD ❤

and Taemin was showing an example on how to dance the red pockets off, for the girls who were playing the game. ^__^ SO HOT!

<3333333 *melts*

Onew and Taemin were demonstrating together. Onew pulled off a really funny sangtae. ❤

Heheheh~ <333

Kekekee~ I wish I was there. x3 But, I’m happy for the HKshawols. They did a good job. xDDD The whole mall was packed with SHINee fans. !!!



SHINee arrives in Hong Kong Airport!!! <3

February 12, 2010


It have been said that SHINee arrived in Hong Kong safely. >W<

damn it. why am I not in Hong Kong. T__T

Hong Kong Cable News


Hehehehee~ I’m so happy I understood everything. Lol. Kekeke~ SHINee introduced themselves in Mandarin first, [“Da Jia Hao, Wo Men Shi SHINee”] and then they said in Cantonese, [“Gong Hei Fat Choi”] which means “wish you to earn more money’.. >W< Hehehee~ so cute. .

I swear, if I were to be in Hong Kong right now…hoho…i’ll be a happy person and will die happily. …

Here’s another Fancam from one of the fans. :]

credit: soso1010loman@YT

Taemin! ❤

From my previous post, it has been said that SHINee would be performing in Tmtplaze for the lunar year countdown. Ahhhhhh~ I’ve been there. >W<

But, apart from my furiousness of not being in Hong Kong right now, I’m very very very happy too at the same time, because SHINee my most favourite boygroup [fyi: FT Island is my most fav boy”band”. xD] is visiting my hometown. ..and so will FT Island. ^_________^

I hope they like it there. !!~ and FIGHTING to both groups.


Happy New Years to those who celebrates.!!~ ^_^


SHINee in Hong Kongg!!!~ <3

February 6, 2010

Wha!! ksdlfjkas;fnmklsafj;iagnmfklasd;gn;klafnmkldamfkl;sa

Ehehhe. sorry about that. ><

I heard that SHINee is going to be in Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year Countdown Party. *dies*

On February 13th at 10:30pm at “tmtplaza” guests, SHINee, Raymond Lam and HOTCHA will be joining the many Hong Kong citizens to welcoming the new year of the Tiger. *dies take 2*

More Info:

Credits:: http: //

Date: 13 February 2010 (Sat)
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Main Atrium, 1/F
Guests: SHINee, Raymond Lam and Hotcha

Details: Upon purchase of HK$800 from any two shops at tmtplaza on the same day*, together with the electronic payment receipts such as Octopus, EPS & credit card (cash payment will not be accepted), customer is entitled to an entry ticket of the countdown party. (while stocks last)
Date: 5 Feb 2010 (while stocks last)
Time: 1:00pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Concierge, 3/F

*Receipts on 4 Feb can be used on 5 Feb for redemption, on-day receipts must be used for other days


WHYYYY AM I NOT IN HONG KONG! TT____________________TT

First FT Island in Hong Kong now SHINee! *dies take 3* I wish I can be in Hong Kong. Seriously, how come no one comes during the summer when I’m there. T__T

AND, SHINee and RAYMOND LAM on the same stagee!!! Ahhhhhhhh! <3333333 …… I don’t really like the HOTCHA part. Ehehehe~ I never really got into them. =__=”

But….I really want to go. T^T . The only thing that I hope is they broadcast the show here in Canada on our Chinese channel because each year they would broadcast some Chinese New Year shows from Hong Kong.

*crosses fingers*

Just in case SHINee fans don’t know who Raymond Lam and HOTCHA are…..

Raymond Lam  ❤


AND ofcourse SHINee. <33333333333