Key’s mistake? :3

December 19, 2009

Lol~ This is just too adorable. >W<

Credits:: randy19975

Key’s expression is just priceless. and too cute.~ and so Onew’s -point and laugh- is just…so..cuteee!! xDDDDDD

This is what happened.

Credits:: Allkpop.

For the opening ceremony of SM Entertainment’s music experience store, “Everysing”, SHINee and F(x) were invited to attend. ^^

As you have seen through the short video, you see that cutie Key accidentally sign the table, instead of the frame that he was suppose to for his hand print wall art.

The other SHINee members, along with F(x) members all laughed at Key‘s mistake. xDD

“I wonder what the heck Key hyung is doing…”

“Gotta look at Taemin’s.. I’m not sure what to do”

“What the…”

“OH… $HIT!”

“I hope nobody notices…”
“Haha.. look at what Key hyung did… >_<“

“What the hell is this…”

[Lol~~ Minho..is just like..*stare stare*…xDD]

“AHAHAHA MY STOMACH HURTS… Why did Key oppa sign the table?”

[Hehee~ Krystal’s expression is so cute. xDD]

I would love to have a table with Key’s autograph on it, it would for sure make my meals more tasty. 😛

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