Lacha lachatataaa~~ Early Release Dayy~~ !!

December 8, 2009


Today was an early release day at my school.!~  I came  home early and no one was home. o__O Heheee~ So I blasted my music loud and sang my little heart out, good thing that I didn’t break any glass. xD ….I also decided to dance a little,  I put on “Lachata ~ F(x)” and thought that I can learn the dance steps to it, because it’s just such an addictive song, and I love the dance steps!!!!~~. ^___^

Turns out that it was harder than I thought it would be. -___-” Well, to begin with, I’m not a dancing type of person.**sighhh** So, I found it hard and I was really confused. xDDD F(x) are such good dancers. I just went back to sitting in front of the computer to watch F(x) dance it instead. Kekekkekekekeeeeeeeee~ xD

But I yes, I really want to dance to “Lachata” one day. …one day. >__>

Credits:: SnsdMihmai


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