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Merry Christmas Everyone!~ ♥

December 25, 2010


Ah~ Christmas already! ^^

I don’t know about you, but for some odd reason it sure doesn’t feel like Christmas. O:
But Doesn’t matter. xP

Do you guys open your presents on Boxing Day or right on Christmas? xP
I personally open them on Christmas….I can’t wait until Boxing Day….xDD  When that clock stricks 12 on Christmas Eve, I run to my Christmas tree and gather all my presents and OPEN THEM! xDDD

I hope you readers all have a happy Christmas/holiday. Stay healthy! ♥

Won’t it be wonderful when you open your present and see this? XD ♥




Merry Christmas!!~ <3

December 26, 2009

Wahh~ Christmas already. For some odd reason, December is just flying by. O__O” Days are going by so fast, and I have to say that semester 1 was pretty quick too. -___-” ..gahh…exams..I don’t want to study. T^T..meh…let’s not think about such horrible things on Christmas. Here is something to share to you guys. ^__^

I though the chibi version of Big Bang is just too adorable, so I added little speech bubbles also. xDDD


Gahaa~ Taemin and Key are too cute. >W<

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Merry New Year!~~..wait..Happy New Year. xD