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Big Bang Releases “Lollipop 2” MV!!~

March 13, 2010

Finally, the wait is overrr! ^________^

Here, check it out!

Soo, what do you think?

Pretty good! ^^ Love the dancing and colourful clothes. >W<

GD. ❤ and TOP’s rapping is awesome as usual. >W<

Lucky “Lollipop Girl”. xP


Big Bang’s Lollipop 2 preview + song released!~ [updated with CF]

February 19, 2010

Hehee~ After almost a year from the first “Lollipop” song by Big Bang and 2NE1, looks like Big Bang is coming out again with a sequel and this time with a new “Lollipop Girl” which is yet to be known. :]

Check out the preview of the MV:

Credits: taijizero2 @ youtube

Hehehee~ TOP at 0:40 is too cute. xDDD

Here’s the full song that have been released recently. ^__^

Credits:: XDDDD30 @ youtube

Now the CF IS OUT!~

Heheeee~ I think I’m liking the song. !~ It’s quite catchy, but compared to the first one, it’s not as catchy..probaby because the first one had the lyrics “Lolli lolli lollipop dalgomhage dagawa….” That part is always stuck in my head after I listen to the song. xD ….but, I’m liking this sequel too. Very good beat….I can’t wait until the MV releases. >W< and obviously, GD’s voice is hot as always. ;]

I think their concept of their clothes is pretty cute. >W< Esp, GD’s happy face shirt. Really cute. ^__^


Big Bang’s “Let Me Hear Your Voice” Music Vidoe~

October 29, 2009

Big Bang recently released their new music video, “Let me hear your voice.”


Check it out!! >W<

Gah~ I love the song. GD’s rapping and TOP’s rapping are the best!~
What do you think? 😉