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Cookies “Party Animal” 派對動物

August 30, 2010

Hmm~ I was looking at my C-pop folder and I saw this song by Cookies a used to be 9  membered group to a 4 membered group, to now solos.

The song is called,  派對動物 which translated to “Party Animal”.  This song is at least ….4 years old? But, it’s a pretty good song. ^^

Like I said, Cookies was actually a 9 membered group (just like SNSD. xD) in 2002. At that time in Hong Kong, they were the biggest membered girl group. Like there was no SNSD back then so Hong Kong was like…what..9 cookies? A week ago, I heard that they were gonna come back as 9 members or something?? O_o I even heard that one member is already married?? Lol. No clue what happened to Cookies.

9 Membered Cookies –  心急人上

So yeah. They were that cute innocent image type… I was little and I couldn’t really tell who is who. and still can’t. XD

The only members I know are the members that got chosen to be in the 4 membered “Mini Cookies” group. >_>
Stephy, Theresa, Micky and Kary.
Then Cookies broke up, and each member went solo. Right now I still hear about Stephy, Theresa and Kary. But..I hardly hear about Micky. o__O”

Like, Stephy released a new album I think called. No One Knows

and Theresa looks different now. xD

So basically yah. That’s my random rant about Cookies. xD

I think I’m missing the C-pop during the 2002-2005 times. =)