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T-ara comes back with “I Go Crazy Because of You”!~

February 26, 2010

Yuppers, finally the T-ara girls are back .^^

With a totally different look from their “Bo Peep” image, the girls came back on M!countdown with a hot and sexy image. =]

Credits:: Bou819 @youtube

It seems like the girls were lip syncing, but I heard from other people that they did sang on parts?…lol. I can’t really tell when they actually sang, but I know that they did lip sync. xD The song is really good, and the cherography¬† is pretty good. =]

Here’s the MV.

Credits:: m1rotic @youtube

Lol~ The MV kinda made my eyes…@_____@. So fast. xDDD

But overall, I’m liking the song. ^^