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Easy Sparkly Nails =)

August 23, 2010

This summer holiday, I really have been interested in painting my nails. ^^

I just thought that you guys my be interested in doing some sparkly nails. =3
Cuz, I’m bored. xD

*** Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I had to use my phone camera because I can’t find my camera. -___-” ***


**Sorry if I explained the steps unclear or anything. I’m not very good at explaining my steps. xD

Let’s start! ^^
*I was inspired by Bubzbeauty‘s nail design. ^^

Stuff you would need:

1.) Some fine white or pink glitter
2.) Base Coat
3.) Top Coat
4.) Some art stones (optional) (you can get them at any craft stores)
5.) Nail Polish remover (for any mistakes.  ^^)

Hehe~ my Big Bang Big Show 2009 album in the back. xDD

* You might want to shape your nails if first if you want. ^__^

First Step:

Apply the base coat on your nails. Base coat is really important since it protect your nails. =]

Second Step:

When the base coat is dried, apply a strike of top coat on the tip of your nails.

Third Step:

Dip your finger nail into the fine glitter.

Tap off the extra glitter off your nail.

Fourth Step:

Apply the top coat over your nail. (2 coats would work well. ^^)

Fifth Step: (optional)

From the ‘art stones’ you have, stick one on the top side of your nail. ^^

I chose the star shaped one. ^^

Then add a layer of top coat, andd…YOU’RE DONE. ^__^