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SHINee wins Award in Singapore!~

March 15, 2010

Yes yes, SHINee’s second visit to Singapore is another sucess. ^^

The SHINee members received and won the New Generation Artiste award.!~

With over 10 000 fans cheering, SHINee performed 3 songs. Replay, Jojo and Ring Ding Dong.



Ring Ding Dong

Taemin‘s thunderbolt necklace is the necklace that he wore in his debut days during the “Replay MV”…~ ^__^

Teehee~ This brings back memories. >W<

omg. my jaw almost dropped seeing Taemin wearing a sleeveless. XD

Replay MV

Credits: KY00MiN @youtube


SHINee on 200th Music Core!!~ <3

February 21, 2010

OMG. I swear right now, I’m gonna die of a heartattack. xDDDD




Check the clips out!!!~

SHINee performed their debut song, “Replay” and their fantastic elastic song, “Ring Ding Dong”. As well as a stage with 2PM . “Dance History”

Credits:: UnknownCarrot3 @youtube

Taemin Ah!!~……your hair? xDDD It’s not the best, but Taemin is still my hottie. >W<

Dance History – SHINee & 2PM

Credits:: monmonsnowHD @youtube

OH MY HOLY MOLY GODPAPAA!!~ When I was watching this, I was about to cry because guys are too hot. >//< and I swear, I LOVE TAEMIN’s OUTFIT! even though the hair was a little weird… They did a really really good job. I bet they practiced hard.

When Taemin and Key did their mini solo part, hohoo~ I was so happy and excited and fangirl screaming, I couldn’t help but stick my face right infront of the computer. xD [jks] but still, I couldn’t look anywhere else. They are just so awesome. ❤

Taemin Oppa, I’ll continue to support youuu! <333

Heheheeeeeee~ I remember SHINee did “We are the Future” before and, TAEMIN HAD A SHIRT RIPPING SCENE!! ❤ *feels like a pervert for remembering*

Sorry, I can’t find the actual fancam, where it only focuses on Taemin…..but I remember when I watched it, I thought Iw as gonna get a nosebleed. xD

Credits:: tvshowseuse @youtube

OHH~ and I swear….watching these 2 fancams of Onew and Taemin… made me want to jump into my computer screen. xDDDD


All I can say is….SO HOT! xDDDD

Lool~ There were a TON of good performances also, but I might post them later. x3


After watching this, I can’t help but LOVE SHINee EVEN MORE. xDDDD Hehee~ What is the reason to not love the boys. >W<


SHINee~ Ring Ding Dong Comeback Stage! <33

October 18, 2009

Yayayaa~ They’re back! SHINee!

They made their comback on SBS Inkigayo with their latest track Ring Ding Dong.”

Check it out! ❤

credit: CodeMonmonSeason3

*drools* …….they got hotter. >W<  Keke~ Taemin hair! ❤ Onew is so cute. *faints* ….

Lol~ Don’t you think that SHINee is one of the best male dance groups in the K-pop industry? Because I sure do. ^__^ Their dancing is just amazing! ~

Just from their first song and from their debut stage, I thought they were awesome dancers! and knowing that Taemin is so young and talented!!! =O

“Replay ”

Credits: siulovesmtown

So awesome. >W<