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Onew has abs!?? ;3

August 9, 2010

Watch this and see. ;3

Credits: vivioncifer &everything-O

Hehehehe!~ Some gifs that some awesome person made. ;3

Credits: to whoever made it. tumblr, and SHINee Soompi

Gosh~ DUBU! I see your abs!!!! ^__^
Ahhh~ Never knew Dubu had a body like that. Love you Onew! ^^
But….that shirt he’s wearing is …so..teasing!! xD
Just take it off Onew! xDD


SHINee’s Thank You to everyonee!~

August 8, 2010

[From. ONEW]
It’s Number 1.. ^^ it’s the #1 we achieved with everyone
This time, our SHINee World Fan Meeting has ended successfully, by everyone’s good fortune.
Gradually, there’s a feeling of reality by being together with you all.
There always seem to be happy things…
It’s like choosing my own fate ^^

[From. Jonghyun]
Love you all~ SHINee World!!
The fortunate/ lucky days need to continue on! Starts now. ^^

[From. Key]
Sincerely thank you!!! :)
We made this with everyone~

[From. Minho]
Thank you! I will become a more hard working Minho. ^^

[From. Taemin]
SHINee World I love you all~ ♥ Thank you!

2010.08.06. – KBS Music Bank #1

Credits: source: shinee official website
chinese translation: bobohero@sm shinee
english translation: vivz@soompi
SHINee Soompi

I’m happy to see them happy. !~ ^^
SHINee = ♥


SHINee wins at Inkigayo!~

August 8, 2010

Hahaha~ as expected from SHINee! ^__^

Credits: CrazyCarrot350

Omoo~ Taemin holding Onew’s arm! So cute!~ ^^
I really love Key’s eye makeup!! >W<


SHINee Lucifer on Music Core!! ♥

August 7, 2010

Oh gawd help me…why are they soo hotttttt!! >W< ♥

Credits: CrazyCarrot260

Loool~ Jonghyun baby looks like he’s almost shirtless. xDD Taemin!! ♥__♥


SHINee wins Music Bank!!~

August 6, 2010

Kekeke~ Once again, SHINee wins the stage of today’s Music Bank. ^^ as expected. :3

Credits: UnknownCarrot160 @youtube

Baby Taemin has a red elbow!!!!! T~T

Key’s smiles. *dies*

Congrats SHINee!! ♥ >W<


SHINee One Fine Day !~

August 5, 2010

SHINee One Fine Day Making Film ver.1

SHINee One Fine Day Making Film ver.2

SHINee One Fine Day Making Film ver.3

^ Key on the bridge is soooo adorablee! ♥♥

SHINee One Fine Day Making Film ver.4

Credits: SMENT channel

Omoo~!! Taemin‘s thighs are so skinny!! T~~T

Credits: SHINee soompi


SHINee Is So Precious!~ ♥

August 5, 2010

This video just made my whole entire day! >W<

They are sooo cutee!! :333

Credits: oneemil

Kyaaa~ ♥ I’m happy to see the whole SHINee dancing to the arm part. >W< Teehee~