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SHINee Lucifer on Music Core!! ♥

August 7, 2010

Oh gawd help me…why are they soo hotttttt!! >W< ♥

Credits: CrazyCarrot260

Loool~ Jonghyun baby looks like he’s almost shirtless. xDD Taemin!! ♥__♥


SNSD (Girls’ Genereation) ‘s Comeback on Music Core!~~

January 31, 2010

I think they did an amazing job! Wonderful comeback. ^__^

They performed Show Show Show! and Oh!.

Credits:: sanjukt @youtube

Personally, I like the song Oh! more than Show Show Show. I don’t really like their hair in Show Show Show, but I’m always amazed and envy them that they can dance so good in such high heels. I can hardly jump in 3 inch high heels..O_O I really like Oh!’s performance. ^__^ really cheerful and good.

They’re so pretty. >3< *is jealous*


SHINee Goodbye Stage as 4. ~

January 24, 2010

On Music Core today, SHINee said their farewell to us as 4, concluding their Ring Ding Dong and Jojo performances.

Credits:: RandomRinnie2 @youtube

As you can easily tell, Key is not there. The reason is that Key‘s grandmother had passed away recently [2 days ago] and he is attesting her funeral. ><It’s seems so different without Key, like…Jonghyun and Taemin and Minho were singing Key‘s parts.

This is really really sad for Key since he was raised by his grandmother and they both shared a really close bond.



This is really sad. Like, even just hearing about this touches my heart because I can relate to what Key is feeling. For me, in 3 years I lost 3 of my most close elders of mine. T___T Even though for me, we live across the whole world, but the phone calls and their love for me was enough for me to feel that they actually love me. [I’m not making much sense but…I hope you get the point. >< ] Like, when I lost them one by one, I was just…too sad. Even right now, when I sometimes think about the times we have spent together, the talks we had, I would cry. and now that I grown up, I really regret that when I was young, I used to find their phone calls annoying. I know that my grandparent’s wishes was for me to focus on my studies and be a good child when I was younger, they will tell me this everytime they call us. I used to find it kinda weird and annoying. But, Now, I would never receive another call from them….ever.I want to hear them tell me those words again. I really miss them. I really do.

Sorry for such a depressing rant, it’s just that what happened to Key brought back many memories of mine. >___< and I’m feeling really depressed right before my birthday. O__O

We send our condolences & wishes to Key and his family at this time. KEY BE STRONG!!


Music Core Performanes~ ^^

January 16, 2010

There were a few good performances on Music Core this time. ^^

Sadly, SHINee and 2PM made their goodbye stages. V__V

It’s SHINee’s second last performace. V.V

Jojo- SHINee

Credits:: bwmo5 @youtube

Hehehe~ I’m in love with Key’s hair! I swear, whatever colour he puts in it, it would automatically look awesome. >W<  Heh. Jonghyun’s hat is…a little…weird on him. xDD It kinda looks like it’s put the wrong way. I LOVE Taemin‘s hat though…so cute…it’s like a cap with a pom pom ! I want one. ^__^

*sniffy* they have one more performance and then we have to wait for their comeback stage. V____V

2PM – Tired of Waiting + Heartbeat

For 2PM, I can’t wait for their comeback, I’m crossing my fingers that they can have their leader backkk!~ Jaebeom.

Of course, C.N Blue debuted on Music Core also. another rocked performance. ^^ The sad thing is that they’re like FT Island, and cannot always play live. T____T

Credits:: chriscorpius6 @youtube

Rainbow came back with a new song, “Not Your Girl”. For now, I’m not favoring this group or the song…but I’m trying to like them….since for me it sometimes take me a lot of times to like a certain song. -__-

Credits:: KoreanRainbow