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FT Island “Lie” Release!! >W<

October 13, 2009

Credits for the video:: XxtenerifexX

Allkpop says::
“he song, which describes the tragic love story between a couple whose lies compel them to separate, sounds like another one of the boy band’s trademark ballads that can make you tear up with just one listen. The inclusion of Seunghyun’s rap in the beginning and at the end, delivering the same passion that the group’s main vocalist has to offer, further enhances the quality of the song. FT Island’s “Lie” provides a refreshing alternative among the autotune and electronic beats that have been heavily abused in the music industry these days.”

*fangirl screams*……………..
Ahem. …*calms down*

So it’s out! =) Keeeyaa~ I’m in love with this song now. >W< Seunghyun’s rapping is just so good!!!!!! =O I love it. and it’s sounds so sad too. Makes me wanna cry. T^T
To me, this is a song that is….FT Island. XD Like, more of FT Island’s style. Very “Cheerful Sensibility“. ^___^
I prefer FT Island singing songs like this. >:3 because Hongki’s voice is just so amazing in singing love songs or sad songs. >W<
His voice can make me cry. T~T
*faints over Hongki's voice* ….. and the drumming ish good too. 😛 Minhwan. W< I keep on replaying it!!
I hope there is a music video for this song. >W<


and looks like Hongki changed his hair back to black. o_o
Credits:: Primanoona
Aww. I kinda like his blonde hair style. >W< Not all asians looks good with blonde hair. 😛 Some does look really good…but some don't..*coughMEcough* XP
But all well, he looks really cute in black too. 😀 More natural and reminds me of him of the " Colorful Sensibility ” time. =)


Minhwan Drum Sticks!!!!!!!~

October 5, 2009

I was surfing on the net as usual, and I found out that there are these drum sticks for sale that has Minhwan’s autograph on it. =OOOOO


Keke~ I want it. >W<
Even though I can’t even play the drums. =_=” . I really want to play either the bass or the drums. But I doubt that I can ever play the drums because I cannot do like 5 different beats at the same time. O_O I get jealous at people who do that. xDDD.  ZOMG, Minhwan can drum and sing at the same time!! >W<
Such a talented boy. <333

Meeeh~ I don’t want to play the clarinet anymore. >3< I want to play the bass. >=D
Kekeke~ Jaejin. xD
But yea….I guess I would try and play it when I get older. =_= My don’t think my parents would buy a bass for me when I have a piano and a clarinet. =_______=


Happy Mooncake Day!~ xD and Chuseok !!!

October 4, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
keke~ Mooncake Day!! XD
Happy Chuseok. ^___^

Hope everyone had a good day. :3
Kee~ I want to eat more mooncakes. >wWW<


Credits:: Soompi FT Island Forum.


Public Transit Songs~~ ^__^

September 28, 2009

Lately there are a few idol groups doing public transit songs, convincing us to take the public transit more.

In one of my posts, I posted FT Island’s version. ^__^ I’ll post again.xDD
They are so adorable~ I would love to take the subway with them. ;D
Kyaakyaakyaa~~ Too adorable. >3< Stalkerish eyes of Jonghun. xDDD
Minhwanniee~~ <33
Credits:: jinnienomuyeppo02

Then they released KARA’s version. =3
Cute. ^__^ Who wouldn’t want to take the bus with them? xP
Nicole is so cute. xDDDD
Credits:: xbaybiieglamax2

Brown Eyed Girls also supports public transits. =)
Credits:: wonderbangjjang

Lol~ Those couples…..xDD

Following, F(x) Also promotes the Public Transportation Campaign too. ^__^
Their’s is so cute. xDD Them screaming on the rollercoaster. ^^
Who *cough..guys..cough* couldn’t be convinced to take the public transit? xP
Credits:: AkieShi

And the latest group who also help to promote the public transit is…4minute! =)
Credits:: xbaybiieglamax3

I wonder who else would help… 😛
I’m hoping for a male group next. ^W^
Kekekeke~ ~~ “Blue Skies, Clean City…………….”
Everyone help make a cleaner world!~ Take the public transit. xDDDDDDDD

This is like last year’s Say No to smoking campaign. ^^ Many idol groups helped convince people to say NO to smoking. ^^
Here are some of my faves. :3

I love FT Island’s. Kekeke~~ ;P
I miss Wonbin. T____T

Keke~ This was the was during the “After Love” period. Jaejin had that smexy cut. xDD
O__O Their style sure did change. 3<
Credits:: claud217

But, what’s sad is I saw a few pics of GD smoking. T__T
Maybe, he’s telling people not to smoke like him?? =P <33

KARA's was cool. ^__^
Credits:: highondrive

Kekeke~ Can’t forget SHINee’s. ^____^

Kee~ I hope SHINee does the Public Transit one too. >W<

Remember now, Say NO to smoking. xDDD


Heartbreaker + Cross and Change + Big Show 2009 = <33333333

September 23, 2009

Finally it came!! :3
The 3 things I ordered from Yesasia finally arrived today. ^__^
They are……*drum rolls*
G-dragon’s Heartbreaker Solo Album.
FT Island’s Cross and Change 3rd Album.
Big Bang’s Big Show 2009 Concert.


Kyaaaaa! ~<33
Cross and Change~
Man They are hot! >W<
I was looking at the pictures…and god, Minhwan is hot. 😛
Big Show Concert 2009~
I really love this pop up. >W<

Kekekeke~ I have waited soo long. V_____V
So happy!!! :3
My 3 precious items. >=P


FT Island Litmus 2009 Fall.~~

September 2, 2009

Was looking around…as usual and found these awesome and hottie pictures of FT Island for their new Fall Litmus 2009 photoshoot. >w<
Man, the boys have matured a lot. ^__^
So hott!!~~~

CREDITS: litmus + leonger @ hwanniefied+FTworldfriends[MA]@wordpress


~Gah Minhwannie is all grown up. >w<

Teehee~ they are all so hot now. ^_____^