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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival + Chuseok! ;D

September 23, 2010

I hope everyone who is either celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival or Chuseok is having a good time. ^_^

My family celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival. ^_^

I really want to try the sticky rice that are for celebrating Chuseok.! >W<

Happy Chuseok or Mid Autumn Festival! ♥

I think both SHINee and FT Island looks fantastic in their hangboks. >W<

I wish they took some Chuseok pictures this year. >w<

These pics are from 2008.. ^^

SHINee~ ♥

FT Island. ♥


F(x) celebrates Chuseok. =)

September 30, 2009

As many might know, Chuseok is coming up, which is celebrated by many Koreans. ^^(October 3rd) It is on the same date as the Mid-Autumn Festival that Chinese celebrate. =) These two festivals are very similar, but the Koreans and the Chinese just celebrate them differently. ^^..well, that’s what I have heard.
I believe that in Korea, you eat Songpyeon, traditional Korean food made from glutinous rice. It sounds so yummy. xD and in China we eat mooncakes!! 😀 I love mooncakes. xDD

Anyway, looks like this year F(x) is commemorating Chuseok as well with us. =) They are all dressed up in beautiful hanboks, a traditional Korean dress.
F(x) also gave us their Chuseok greetings and shared their goals for the future with us F(x) fans. “We hope everyone spends a happy holiday for Chuseok. As this is our first Chuseok together as a group since our debut, we plan to eat delicious food, wish upon the full moon and spend a special time with one another.”
Keke~ Sounds like lots of fun. ^^. I love eating delicious foods during festivals too. xDD

Credits to:: Allkpop for imformation

Here are the pictures!~ I actually thought that Amber was going to wear a female hanbok, but I guess she didn’t. xD
But they all still looked very cute. ^__^


This reminds me of the pictures I saw of FT Island in Hanboks. ^____^
They are all so adorable.
I believe these ones were from the Chuseok in 2007. because of their hairstyles. x3

Minhwan and Jaejin!~ <33333333
Kyaa~ They are so adroable. >W<

AND, I think these were from last year because Jaejin had that smexy cut. ;D

I want to celebrate Chuseok. ^^ Sounds like fun and I want to try the traditional foods that people eat on Chuseok. ^^ Keke~ I’m really interested in the Korean culture. xD