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CN Blue manager hitting fans? !!!!~

February 14, 2010

When I read this news and saw the video, all I could say was…WOW. O______O

From Allkpop

It all began when a video surfaced on the Korean web a few days ago. The video contained footage of a man, apparently CNBLUE’s manager, wielding his hand into a throng of fans and clearly slapping a girl’s head twice as the group members exited from a parked van. Jong Hyun, who was the first to exit the van, made an awkward smile as he looked into the crowd.

As this footage became popular among Korean netizens, CNBLUE’s management company FCN Music quickly responded with a statement.

They explained, “The event happened on the 11th. CNBLUE tried to enter KBS building for a rehearsal but too many fans were in the way. Even with the help of security guards we could not secure the way into the building so the group [CNBLUE] decided to help out. As that was happening, a fan almost tripped Jong Hyun by grabbing on and pulling his hoodie, to which the manager reacted violently.

They apologized by saying, “Our entire staff apologizes to fans about what had taken place; the manager has been given appropriate punishment and nothing like this will ever happen again.

As with Jong Hyun smiling, they explained, “Jong Hyun was smiling about the situation where he almost fell down, not at the fans getting beaten. He did not see the beating take place.

Here’s the Video.

Credits:: dianira197333

WOW! That is seriously not right. Like, come on! No one deserves to be slapped in the head like that. !! The manager was seriously hitting the fan in the head…not once..BUT TWICE! O__O This is just scary. I don’t think the manager has that right to slap her, no matter what she was doing. Yea, I know it is wrong to pull the hood of the celeb and being too touchy and stuff, but that doesn’t mean that the manager can physically hurt someone. =__=. I’m very disappointed in this manager. He should be fired.!!  XP


C.N Blue Debuts on Music Bank!!!~

January 15, 2010


We’ve all been waiting long enough! ^_^

Credits:: chriscorpias6 @youtube

Gahaa~ So hott!~

OMG! I’m in love with Minhyuk!~ XD How he plays the drums is too hot. xDD

and at the beginning when Yonghwa fixes his tie..*melts*


C.N Blue Fighting! ^___^


C.N Blue’s “Bluetory” ish outtt listen to the tracks.!~

January 15, 2010

Hehehe~ Lately, a lot of my entries are about C.N Blue.  because they’re gonna debut soonn!!~ >W<[in a matter of hours now. ] Kyaaaaaaa~

Now, their album is outtt!~

Here are the tracks.

Credits:: Allkpop, urnobody191

I’m a Loner

I Will Forget You…

Love Revolution

Now or Never

Y, Why

b WahH~ They are already so good!!~ I have a feeling that they would be as sucessful as FT Island when they debuted! ^^ Their style is different from FT Island. :]


C.N Blue’s first Showcase. :3

January 14, 2010

After C.N Blue released their MV for “I’m a Loner”, and now they have succeed in making me love them even more at their first show. >W<

Credits: cnbluesky @ youtube

On January 14th at 4PM KST, they held their debut showcase and performed for their already abundant fan base. (gyaaa~ i’m loving them! >W< )

C.N. Blue will make their first live debut performance on KBS Music Bank on the 15th!!! Teehee~ can’t waittttt!~ Aiyaa~ I’m so excited. !~

Zomgg~ Minhyuk is too cute!~ and such a talented drummer!~~ <33 [Just like Minhwan Oppa!~]


C.N Blue MV – I’m A Loner” Released!!! ~ Album info

January 14, 2010


FINALLY!! What we have all been waiting forrr@!~~

Credits:: cnbluesky @ youtube

Kekekkee~ This just made my night. ^_^

I’m loving the song!~ and C.N Blue themselves!!!!!!!!!!. >W<

Finally, a boyband that is actually a band!! Now FT Island is h not he only band. xDDD

Hehe~ the screaming in the middle made me go…O_O

They are so hot. ;] I like Minhyuk. >W< He’s too adorable! >W< <333333

Keechaa~ now I only need to wait for their debut. >W<

This MV included all the teaser in it.

Their first mini album “BLUETORY” would be released on January 14th.
01 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
02 Love Revolution
03 Y, Why…
04 Now or Never
05 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… (I Will…Forget You…)

Kyaa~ I want to buy it! ><

Credits:: Allkpop


C.N Blue’s Fourth Teaserr!!~

January 13, 2010

Hehe~ I bet many Shinwoo Jung Yong Hwa’s teaser….well, ITS FINALLY OUT! ^___^

Emotional Jung Young Hwa

Omg. Omg. Omg. So hot. xDDDDD

Have you guys notice this? All of the beggining letters for their teasers, spell the word BLUE. >W<

Burning – Jonghyun
Lovely – Minhyuk
Untouchable – Jungshin
Emotional –  Younghwa


The next thing they are gonna release is the MV! Gahahaha~ I can’t wait until they debuttt! <33

Really, I’m happy that their group doesn’t have a lot of people. :] To me, an idol group with more than 6 people is hard to memorize the names. xDDDD


C.N Blue 3rd Teaser!!~~ Untouchable. <3

January 11, 2010


They released their thrid teaser, this time with the bass player, Jungshin. ❤

Credits:: CodeAzzurro @ youtube, FNCMUSIC1 @ YouTube

Like the other teasers, this one emphasizes alliteration as well, titled, “U. Untouchable.”

The 2 previous teasers were,

~Burning Jonghyun

~Lovely Minhyuk

and  now

~Untouchable Jungshin


Hehehehe~ and yes, the next teaser should be who we’ve all been waiting for….Jung Yong Hwa. <33

Check out the 2 previous teasers and the member\’s profiles!~!~~

Aiyaaa~ I can’t wait for their debut!! <333