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Dae Guk Nam Ah Releases Tokyo Boy MV! <33

March 4, 2010

Heh. The wait is overr! ^__^

D-NA finally released their latest mv. ❤

Tokyo Boy – D-NA

Credits:: AznSamManMV

Gahhh~ I love it! Their white outfit and the cute dancing…Kekeee~ very adorable. ❤

They kinda reminds me of DBSK when they debuted. xDD


Dae Guk Nam Ah releases teaser #2!~ <3

February 28, 2010

After the the first teaser, seems like Dae Guk Nam Ah releases another one !! >W<

Credits:: enchanteDNA @youtube

“This second teaser moves from the red carpet to a few different shooting sets, and features each member doing his own thing – Jay dances, Hyun Min plays the piano, Mi Ka records in a studio, In Jun plays the drums, and Ka Ram writes in his diary?…lyrics?? xDD

I think I’m in love with Jay and KaRam. ❤ *melts*…..they are gorgeous. >3<

After the two teasers, I’m starting to really like this new boy group. ^__^

Kekekekkeeeeeee~ This is like the third time I said this but, I CANT WAIT!! >W<