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Fixing Dried Nail Polish!~

August 3, 2010

It’s like 1:40am right now, and I can’t fall asleep! So I decided to BLOG! =DD

While cleaning the house today(LOOL~ I was actually cleaning. xDD), I found a few bottles of nail polish. The colour was pretty nice, the thing was that they were dried. No wondered somebody put them in the cupboard.-.-

Sooo~~ I decided to rescue the dried nail polish. =333

It’sactually  pretty simple. All you need is Nail Polish Remover. !

Grrr~ Crappy phone camera. =___=

Dried Nail Polish

You need a little bit of Nail Polish Remover. ^^

Step 1.) Take the naill polish remover and pour a little bit into the nail polish. NOT TOO MUCH…because it might become too watery. Add bit by bit.

Step 2.) Shake the bottle. ^^ If the nail polish is really thick, try stirring it with a Q-tip or a toothpick, and then shake it.

v I’m suppose to be shaking, if you can’t tell what I’m doing. LOOL

AND the nail polish is rescued! ^_____^

Dan Dannn~♪  Good as new. ^^

Ahahaha~ Random entry, something different eh? Well, I hope this helps!! ^__^