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D-NA comes back with “No One…Anyone” on Music Core! ♥

August 7, 2010

Omg! I love these guys! >W<

Credits: CrazyCarrot260

So happy that D-NA are coming back! OMG OMG! SO HOT! >W<

These guys are so talented! Why are they so underrated! T_________T


Dae Guk Nam Ah debuts through showcase + first single. <3

March 4, 2010

Whahaa~ I’ve been anticipating for their debut. >W<

Credits: Allkpop

Dubbed as the “2nd Shinhwa”, quintet boy band D-NA (Dae Guk Nam Ah) made their debut on the 3rd with their first performance showcase at the Yoon Dahng Art Hole in Seoul.

Many were left fairly impressed with their vocal and dance skills as people said that D-NA was the boy group with “the most potential”.

Apparently, D-NA with an average age of 17.4 proved to have amazing vocal skills for boys their age. But of course, that wasn’t all as their dance skills have been well noted, mostly Jay and his excellent display of popping skills.

During the showcase, they also revealed that their role models were DBSK and were disappointed with what has happened to them recently.

They performed their debut track Tokyo Boy and Blinding World for the first time. Tokyo Boy is a dance track that harmonizes with the boys’ sweet vocals.

Omg. Kekekee~ Average age 17.4. ❤ ^^

I think I’m in love with this group now. Their voices are just amazing and I love Jay and Ka Ram. ;] Gaah~ They’re so cute. >W<

These are the two songs from their first single. ❤

동경소년 / Tokyo Boy

눈부신 세계 / Shining World

Credits:: KaboomzaOne @ youtube

I’m in love with their voices. ❤

Credits: as ^ said

The boys are sure getting popular! Even before debuting, the boys have gained 40 0000 fans. ; ]

From Allkpop

“Their website has 40,000 registered fans already! To put that in perspective, the Brown Eyed Girls have around 41,500 in their fanclub and BEAST has reached 54,000 since its debut.”

Isn’t that just amazing! ^___^

Kekee~ I’ll be waiting for the MV now. ; ]

Wish them best of luck. <33333