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FT Island Releases “Flower Rock” Music Video PV!!!!!~

April 29, 2010

Yes yes. FT Island finally released the PV for their song, “Flower Rock”.

The new Single, “Flower Rock”, will be released on 19 May 2010.

Check it out!!~

Credits: jinnienomuyeppo02 @youtube

Jaejin’s voice. ♥

Omg. When I saw this video, I died. xDDD I was so happy that I screamed. >W<

When I first watched it and saw Hongki come out of the van, I was in total shock for a second.


Then I saw the other FT Island members in disguise as workers. I was so realived.  They all look so funny in their disguise. Minhwan and Jonghyun’s disguise made me laugh so hard. xD LOOOL at Jaejin‘s afro wig. When they got to the point when they took off their disguise, man oh mann Jonghyun was good looking. Minhwan’s drumming at 1:14 is adorable. xDD and I died at 3:00 when Minhwan was spinning his drumstick. xDD

I really love their style/image. Better than their “I Hope” days in my opinion. Jaejin and Minhwan are looking fantastic. >W< Hehe~ Seunghyun is cute. xD

I’m liking the song too~ Very rock compared to FT Island’s other songs. ~ ^__^

Lool~ The ending to the PV/MV is adorable. xDD Minhwan’s face at the end is just plain adorable. >W<


I wish them best of luck ont heir debut next month! (very soon!!)
FT Island FIGHTING!!!  ♥♥♥♥


FT Island Flower Rock + Pictures! ~ <3

April 2, 2010

FT Island will be debuting in Japan under Warner Music Japan.

They will be releasing a new Japanese album, Flower Rock. ^__^

Omg. I cannot wait. and seeing these pictures below, I am very anxious and excited for their new album!

Kakakka~ Look at the pictures! You can tell that the boys are all grown up and are getting more good looking day by day!!~ >W<

Flower Rock Official Pictures

Credits : ftisland + shyssh@Silh0uette + Hwanniefti11 for reuploading

Please take with Credits. =]

I think Minhwan looks gorgeous!!!!~Jaejin too~  Aiyaa~ So hot! >W<Lol~ They all do. xD

I’m liking their style and image for this album a lot.! Nothing too funky, very fresh and good looking. ^_____^

Fighting guys! ^^


Mighty Mouth (ft. Baek Jiyoung) – “Will Love Come” plagiarized FT Triple???!!~

March 15, 2010

Apparently, it have been said that the two songs, “Will Love Come” – Mighty Mouth (ft. Baek Jiyoung) and “Love Letter” – FT Triple  sound very similar.

“Love Letter – FT Triple”

(From 3rd Album Repackage, FT Island’s “DOUBLE DATE” (ONE DATE), Released 26 October 2009)


“Will Love Come – Mighty Mouth (ft. Baek Jiyoung)”

(Digital Single “Will Love Come”, Released 10 March 2010)

“Will Love Come” VS “Love Letter”

Credits:: jinnienomuyeppo03 @ youtube

Surprisingly, now that it’s mentioned these two songs does sound similar in a way. If you actually listen very carefully to the beats in the background they are very much a like. and some of the parts do sound close. The beginning of “Will Love Come” sound really like “Love Letter“. Like, Jiyoung’s part in Will Love Come would represent Jaejin’s part in Love Letter, and the rapping in Will Love Come would represent the rapping by Minhwan, Jaejin and Jonghyun in Love Letter. Though, I don’t find the rapping to similar. I think the chorus sounds quite similar. (Jiyoung’s part) Like, the high parts.  No wonder when I first heard it it sound similarrr! I guess “Will Love Come” sounds to similarish to “Love Letter” to be undiscovered by the eagle eyed eagle eared netizens.

At the same time, there are many people who say that these two songs are completely different.

In my opinion, these two songs does sound similar in some ways. I’m trying not to be too biased because I personally love the song “Love Letter”. I guess just in some particular parts it does sound like Love Letter. >_>

So what do you think??!

Love Letter – FT Triple

Credits:: bluesakura90 @ youtube

Will Love Come – Mighty Mouth (ft. Baek Jiyoung)

Credits: AsianMusicChannel @youtube


FT Island in Philippine TV “Showtime”~

March 5, 2010

FT Island was guests on a Pilippine TV Show, “Showtime”.

FT Island performed, “Still” from the drama Hongki was casted, “You’re Beautiful”. ❤

Credits:: eytcetera @youtube

Such an awesome performance. ❤ Jaejin ahh~ Why are you so cute in that outfit? >W< and Minhwannie~ He dyed his hair a darker colour and that bow on his outfit is too adorable. >W< I love both of their outfits. I like this image of FT island. >W< Jaejin’s english is quite good, not a very heavy accent and teeheee~ so cute. xDDD

Very lucky fans. ~ I love the signs, I saw one that said, “Good Morning Bob”. So cute of them! ^^

Gahh~ I really miss FT Island. >W< Comeback soon ah?! >3<


FT Island Singapore Fanmeeting!~ <3

March 4, 2010

I know this was a while ago, but ledoquyen90 from youtube recently uploaded these two vids of the fanmeeting that took place in Singapore. ❤

Omg. Jaejin‘s Saranghae is too hot. and when Minhwan said it, ……I thought I was gonna die. xDDD it was just tooo adorable. ❤

Credits: ledoquyen90 @ youtube

Whaa~ Lucky fans. “Love Letter” was really good, I just love it when they play live. ❤ Jaejin, Minhwan and Jonghoon. ❤ and Seunghyun did a very good job at the rapping in “Love Sick”. ^^ and when Hongki sang the song that he sang in “You’re Beautiful”….so beautiful. xDD Lool~ I love Seunghyun’s “Ring Ding Dong” Dance. ❤ xDDD

Kekekeeee~The boys are so good looking. Esp, Jaejin and Minhwan. ❤ *cough..a little biased..cough* I REALLY love their hairstyle. ❤ ^______^

FT Island FIGHTING! < 3


Happy 1000th Day FT Island!!~ <33

March 3, 2010

Yuppers, it’s FT Island’s 1000th day after debut. >W<

Gah~ It doesn’t seem that long eh? It seems like it wasn’t a long time ago when they first debuted with “Love Sick”.

Time sure pass fast. >w<

This is a 1000th day message I found on FT Island’s Soompi thread.

Credits:: ^ stated above.

Hope you guys would read it, it’s so sweet. >///<

First of all, to Choi Jonghun, Oh Wonbin, Lee Hongki,
Happy birthday.
Today, the day you were born
It is such a special day.
Because you were born, thank you.

Also, today is our 1000th day.
Although it is long, it feels so short.
It has been 1000 days together,
but it hasn’t been in vain.
We sincerely realized how important this time was.

June 7th, 2007, no, even before then
Five princes
Descended from the sky.
And granting themselves the name
of a rock band.

These five princes, to me,
Each one who has their own special talent
They are all romantic guys.
No, they are more like boys.
They have grown up so fine.

One member left on a new journey
And we met a new person.
At first, we were all like this
Worried, anxious, and afraid
But we came to trust each other.

During 1000 days the painful things, the hard things
There were many.
But we weren’t alone
Because were were together
We were able to stand up again.

I am happy.
I am thankful.
I love you.
The five members,
No – Now it’s six members
We got to know you all.

From now on, we’ll do better.
FT Island has an opportunity.
There many many more opportunities from now on,
Above all else, loving music
To give to fans again.

At any time, promise to trust one another.
Words that say it’s love, words that say I love you,
Words that say it’s forever
To me, these words are sincere.
During these 1000 days, it became even stronger.

At anytime, anywhere we will support you,
Because of the music you love,
We, 1000 years, 10,000 years, like this
will happily live.

Our safe, enrapturing, beautiful Jonghun / Our neverending, charming, hopeful Hongki
Our very reliable, one who has dreams, impressive Wonbin / Our passionate and having a beautiful smile Jaejin
Our very hardworking and having beautiful features Seunghyun / Our aegyo-filled, “if you just look at him you’re happy” Minhwan

Still, the road we must take is very long
A neverending path and voyage,
But because we’re together we’re happy, we get strength.
Not five, but six members will brightly light up always.

*sniffy*…it’s too sweet. >W<


We Primadonnas would always give FT Island our love and always support the boys. >W<

FT Island Picture SPAM! =]

I’m trying my best to put these in order. ^^

Please give credit to : Hwanniefti11 or as labeled on picture, it to take away. =]

[Lool~ I love that attitude that Jaejin has. xDD]


FT Island 2010 Hong Kong Fanmeeting!!!~<3

February 16, 2010


FT Island arrived in Hong Kong, and held their first Hong Kong fanmeeting.

Here is are fancam of part of the event.

FT Island Pig Cutting Ceremony

Credits: silh0uettefancams @youtube

Hahahahaa~ Pig Cutting Ceremony is quite common in Hong Kong. Usually it’s conducted in the beginning of filming movies, dramas, opening of stores, concerts etc, for good luck or just celebration. ^__^

Hongki and the knife…so dorky..and cute! Be careful ah!! That made my entire day. xDD Many of the fans were calling for Jaejin and Hongki. xD Jaejin, you’re do dorky in the beginning of the vid. ❤ When a fan called Minhwan’s name he waved. >//////////////< *is so jealous* Omg, at 2:39 when the workers or fans gave FT Island the flowers and the heart cushion, Minhwan smelled the flowers and it was too adorable.  >W<  Those cushions are really cute too. It has their names on it. ^__^ Jaejin ah!! You don’t know how much I LOVE your hair right now! Kekekkee~ He looks so good lookinggg!~ . >W<

From what I heard at near the end of the video, the fans were not co-operating that well. The MC or someone keeps telling them to take a seat.  Lool~ Who would…when FT Island are right in front of their eyes. xD

I wish I was there. Just my luck, the one year that I don’t go to Hong Kong, SHINee and FT Island visits. T__T(lool~ I have been complaing about this a lot…sorry..please bear with me. xP )

Funny thing is that this is the second time that FT Island arrived in a country after SHINee. The last time was in Singapore. SHINee arrived first and then FT Island arrived the next day or so. FT Island came before SHINee to Singapore  and now, SHINee came to Hong Kong on the 12th and left on the 15th, and following their departure FT Island arrives in Hong Kong. They actually came at 10:30pm Hong Kong time on the 15th.  Vice versa. ^______________^

Heee~ How I just love these two groups…<3

FT Island!! Good luck on you’re  performance tomorrow!!! ❤ ^____^