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SHINee is set to make a comeback with “Hello” ! ♥

September 27, 2010

Looks like our SHINee boys are set to make a comeback again with a new track called, ‘Hello’.

They will be releasing their new re-packaged album, “Hello,” on October 4th.

Credits: allkpop


The title track of their new album is said to be a modern pop song with a concise rhythm and repetitive synth sounds. The smooth vocals and harmony come together as a trendy R&B pop song that expresses the love they feel for a special woman. The lyrics themselves are said to be quite bright.”

SHINee is set to make their comeback on October 1st on KBS’s “Music Bank.”!

I seriously CANNOT wait! >W<
Gosh!~ When I heard about this news,  I swear my heart triple beated! XDD

I literally screamed….again. xDDD

This made my entire day and tomorrow. xDDD

Lool~ Why did they make Key BB wear all red? All weell. Whatever Key wears is hot. xDD
TAEMIN! why are you soo cute!? xDD

SHINee I love you. >W< ♥



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival + Chuseok! ;D

September 23, 2010

I hope everyone who is either celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival or Chuseok is having a good time. ^_^

My family celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival. ^_^

I really want to try the sticky rice that are for celebrating Chuseok.! >W<

Happy Chuseok or Mid Autumn Festival! ♥

I think both SHINee and FT Island looks fantastic in their hangboks. >W<

I wish they took some Chuseok pictures this year. >w<

These pics are from 2008.. ^^

SHINee~ ♥

FT Island. ♥


Happy Birthday Key!!!~ ♥

September 22, 2010

It’s actually September 23 in Korea….so It’s Kibummie’s 20th (19th) birthdayy! ♥

Happy 20 (19th) Birthday Key!!~

I love you so muchy~ x3

Key Oppa, I wish you all the best and have the happiest birthday ever and more to come! >W< ♥♥

Waaaah~ SHINee’s Umma and Diva finally reached his 20s! =OO
I now really want to go eat cake with Key.…..Lol~ when do I not want to. >W<

Like what I do with other idols’ birthdays…..KEY PICTURE SPAM! =DDD
I honestly have like FILES of Key pictures. Lol. xD It would take forever if I were to upload them all……here’s just part of my collection. ;3

See how our Key Baby changed since debut ? >W< ♥
Key I love you. :3

I don’t think anyone can brush their teeth this sexy. >W< ♥♥♥


Kpop 91ers Unite! xDD

September 15, 2010

OMG. I love this picture!~

Key and Jaejin in the same picturee!~~ *dies*
lool~ Jinwoon and Mir. >W<

This was from the recent “Idol Sports Day”. ^__^

Ahhh~ Just love this. ♥ ^^

Lool~ I haven’t updated this blog in a while….XDD
So busy with homework. T___T …..less fangirl time. ><


Omg. Taemin new hair. ♥

September 15, 2010

Oh God. I’m gonna go crazy cuz he’s soooooo adorablee! ♥♥

Credits: anju7angel |

OMG OMG WHY IS TAEMIN SOO CUTEE! ♥ This made my whole day. >w<

I see that Taemin is back with that mushroom but. >W< Lool~ SO CUTE! even though I LOVED his beautiful long hair during Lucifer. Figgen sexy. xD ..but he’s too cutee now~  ♥ >w<
Just love this boy. ♥


SHINee wins once again on Inkigayo!! (Aug 15)~ ♥

August 15, 2010

Omg ~~ Kekekeke~ I’m so happy for them!! >W<

Lucifer – SHINee (Aug 15)

Credits: spodocskpark10 + vietanhmsg

omgg~ They were soo surpised when they won! SO CUTE! Minho and Key was just shocked. LooL~ at Minho’s big “O” . xDD I love how Jonghyun pops out of the crowd with a “huh?” look on his face. XD Kekeke~ and Onew’s confused face….and pointing at himself* KYAA~~ ♥
LOOL~ Did you guys hear at 1:36 Key was saying his name for the fanchant?? ♥♥

Ahh~ I love SHINee!!! FIGHTING! ^__^
I believe this is their…4th crown? xDD

OMG OMG OMG *spazzes*


Minho is back dancing to Lucifer! ♥

August 13, 2010

I’m so happy to see the whole entire SHINee on stage dancing! ♥

Aug 13

Credits: KyuleeKPOP119

GAHHH~ Why are they so hot! >W<

Well, even though they didn’t win this week, I’m not too upset. ^^  They were really happy when BoA won. And I like the song Hurrican Venus. ^___^