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My Perfect Guy~ ;3

October 15, 2010

Okay…so this isn’t one of my normal entries…but hey….something different is nice right? xD

I just found this quiz thing from one of my friends and decided to do it. ^^
LOL~ It’s pretty fun looking. xD

Just for fun. xD


If you are a guy: post this as my kind of girl. If you are a girl: post it as my kind of boy.

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?

>> Depends. Like..I prefer a good personality over looks. I don’t want a guy who is gorgeous but acts like a butt. =__=”

2. Smart ? Average grade or above?

>> In between. I like the guy to be smarter than me in some areas and I’m smarter than him in other areas. That way we can always help each other’s weaknesses. >W<

3. Preferred age?

>> Older or same age.
As much it seems to be so cute to be a noona and have a younger guyfriend…it really makes me feel old. T3T LOL
Unless the dude is like as cute as Taemin or something then that’s an automatic yes. xDD

4. Preferred Height?

>> taller than me. ;3 That’s not too hard to find. I’m actually a pretty short person. -__-”

5. Sense of humor?

>> For sureee~ 🙂

6. How about piercings?

>> depends on who it is. I persoanlly don’t want a guy with a gazillion piercings. xDD
Maybe an ear piecing is acceptable. ;D

7. Accepts you for who you are?


8. Pink hair?

>> Uh. No. …..just no. xD

9. Mushy or no?

>> Huhhh??? O_O

10. Thin or fat?

>> Normal. =)
but I like guys like Taemin. LOOOOOL

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?

>> It really depends on the dude. I like Asians but..that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to other races. ^__^

12. Long hair or short hair?

>> I actually like guys with longish hair. ^^ ………an Asian fob cut would be nice. ;D

13. Plastic or metal?


14. Smell good?

>>Duhh~ yes!
LOL~ who wants to be stuck with a smelly dude. xDDD

15. Smoker?

>> No thank you.

16. Drinker?

>> A heavy addicted drinker…NO.
Drinks when legal aged from time to time, then I guess it’s okay for me. ^^

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?

>> Dont know..

18. Muscular?

>> Not too muscular. xD
Too much muscles kinda freaks me out. O_____O ”

19. Plays piano?

>> YEAH~

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

>> omg~ Why not!! ♥

21. Plays violin?

>> Sure~ xD

22. Sings very good?

>> OMG YES!! xD

23. Vain?

>> Depends. xP

24. With glasses?

>> It doesn’t matter to me.

25. With braces?

>> Doesn’t matter. The braces eventually are gonna come off. Not like he would wear them forever. :3

26. Shy type?

>> Not too shy. Outgoing. =)
For me, I get shy at times…if my other half is shyer than me…then that would be an awkward relationship. xDD

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?

>> In the middle. ;D

28. Active or passive?

>> I want to say romantic. xD

29. Tight or bomb?

>> Whhatt?? o_O

30. Singer or dancer?

>> can I choose both? ;3

31. Hip-hop?

>> Sure?

32. Earrings?

>> Depends if he looks good with it. ;D

33. Likes to eat?

>> No duh~ XD

34. Dimples?

>> Sure. 🙂

35. Bookworm?

>> At times .

36. Mr/Ms. love letter?

>> Meaning he would send you love letters?? =D
WHY NOT~ Kekeke~ xD

37. Playful?

>> Sure.

38. Flirt?

>> Umm~ Depends. ><

39. Poem writer?

>> Nah. it’s fine

40. Serious?

>> yeah! I want him to be an honest guy.

41. Campus crush?

>> Dont know

42. Painter?

>> Doesn’t matter. I don’t need a guy who is an artist to be honest. xD

43. Religious?

>> Doesn’t matter.

44. Someone who likes to tease?

>> TEEHEE~ Sure. 😀

45. Computer games geek? ‘

>> LOL~ Um. Not really….xP

46. Speaks 20 languages?

>> OMGGG! SUREE! xDD Why not! xD

47. Loyal or faithful?

>> Faithful

48. Good kisser?

>> Suree~

49. Loves children?

>> That would be cute. ;D

50. Flaws/freckles/moles?

>> Doesn’t eveybody have some flaws?

LOOL~ That was actually pretty fun. Got me thinking. xDDD
I’m suppose to be doing homework. XPPP