Happy Thanksgiving!~

October 11, 2010

Well, here in Canada it’s THANKSGIVING! ^^


How I spend most of this holiday……….

~ Slept in until 12:30pm
~ Cooked so call “breakfast” for family
~ Does all the homework I got for the long weekend…(procrastination. LOL )
~ IS SOO confused with science homework

OMG. I’m seriously so confused with science. -___- ”
I was like spazzing at my mom on how I don’t get it like…5 minutes ago. LOL.
Seriously…I’m so pissed right now. =_=”

I wish I could have a better science class. The class can’t even go quiet for 3 seconds!! D:<
How are you suppose to learn when people are always yelling across the room when the teacher is teaching and adding stupid comments when the teacher is explaining something. -_-”
And the thing is …my teacher doesn’t even care! =O


All well. T___T
I’m done my spaz now. LOOL. XP

LOL~ It’s Thanksgiving and we’re not even having turkey. xD Too lazy. xDD
But we did had our Thanksgiving gathering dinner yesterday…(still no turkey though. xD) but…it’s cool. =3

Well….to all those Canadians out there….


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