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Kpop 91ers Unite! xDD

September 15, 2010

OMG. I love this picture!~

Key and Jaejin in the same picturee!~~ *dies*
lool~ Jinwoon and Mir. >W<

This was from the recent “Idol Sports Day”. ^__^

Ahhh~ Just love this. ♥ ^^

Lool~ I haven’t updated this blog in a while….XDD
So busy with homework. T___T …..less fangirl time. ><


Omg. Taemin new hair. ♥

September 15, 2010

Oh God. I’m gonna go crazy cuz he’s soooooo adorablee! ♥♥

Credits: anju7angel |

OMG OMG WHY IS TAEMIN SOO CUTEE! ♥ This made my whole day. >w<

I see that Taemin is back with that mushroom but. >W< Lool~ SO CUTE! even though I LOVED his beautiful long hair during Lucifer. Figgen sexy. xD ..but he’s too cutee now~  ♥ >w<
Just love this boy. ♥