Ahh~ First day of school

September 7, 2010

If you guys remember from my entries before, I never really liked the school I’m going to right now. xP

*This is basically just a random rant about my first day. Not important. I just want to share this with someone.

** I sound whiney and pathetic here…please don’t mind. LOOOL
My ranting moments. xD

So far, my classes are alright. I HAVE THE SUCKEST SCIENCE CLASS IN THE WORLD! T__________T
Seriously, I hate that class like celery! Noisy people, annoying people, over dramatic people all together = DISASTER CLASS! =_=” How on earth did I got put into that class. And apparently, my teacher is a pretty tough marker. AHHKK! I don’t think I would be able to survive that that class with all those annoying people. Like, my marks are not bad ….I’m not worried about that…BUT THE PEOPLE! OMG!

My morning classes are pretty okay. Good enough, you can say. Then in the afternoon is Music and Science. Music is okay I guess…..but science….don’t even want to think about it. -_-”

Well, there seems to be a lot more niners this year. LOL. But, that’s okay I guess. Seeing them finding their way, getting lost, asking me where is where…..makes me think back to my first day in highschool. LOL. Never liked it though. -___-”

You see, the thing about my highschool is that there are hardly any new students!!!  Each year, the people in your class are the same people..not exactly the same people but they are people that have been in my classes before. LOOL~ How am I suppose to meet new people when the there I know already. Makes me laugh everytime. Like, in grade 9 in my classes are people from my middle school with some new people. Lmao.



You know…..I always had a dream about meeting some idol lookalike as my friend LMAO. xDD My friends are always like….”You and your Asian music..-_-” ..lol  I’m pathetic..I know.
But hey, it’s a dream! XP
Doubt that it would ever happen. xDDD Fangirl dreams.

Well….I’m not gonna rant too much. LOOL~ Cuz thinking again…it’s not THAAAT bad…. Basically, I didn’t expect too much this year so I’m not depressed just kinda disappointed with some people. I’m just kinda pissed off at my friend right now. -____-”

AHHH~ I have to suck it up. -__-”

Wish me luck. LOOL~ I probably need it. =.=”


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