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FT Island makes a comeback!!~

August 27, 2010

FT Island FIGHTING! ♥ >W< Omg. I’m so happy! I already preordered their single on Yesasia!!
Remember to support FT Island by purchasing their single! ^^

Love Love Love – FT Island (100827)

Credits: hongstar26

Since this episode of Music Bank was broadcasted in 57 countries (I WAS SO MAD! I couldn’t watch it! T__T ) You can see the Primadonnas from Hong Kong giving our FT Island boys support!
LOL~ when I first watched the video was I was like..OMG HONG KONG! =D

Seunghyun‘s rap is so sexy! LOL. xPP Hongki’s voice never disappoints me….and JAEJIN! Minhwan needs more cam time. T__T I think I’m liking Jonghun‘s hair..better than the blonde. xD But…Hongki‘s hair. T__T



Hwanniefti11 ONE year Anniversary~ ♥

August 27, 2010

Guess what!~


Hwanniefti11 is already ONE years old!!!~  =3

I would love to give all you wonderful people a big………


♪Happy birthday to…Hwanniefti11…~ ♪
Lol. xD

Last year today was the day, that I made my first most random entry. >_> Lol~ XD
The day that I actually took the courage and decided to actually make a blog. LOL.

But yah. ^__^
I’m still trying to improve this blog to make it better. And I’m not a very techy person. T__T
Lol~ Suggestions would be welcomed?! XD

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog!~ ^^