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Happy Birthday G-dragon!!!~ ♥

August 18, 2010


Happy Birthday Ji Yong Oppa!!!~ ♥

G-dragon is officially 23 (Korean age) / 22 (American age) now! >3<

I hope he has a fantastic birthday with many of his friends and family.!!~~~ ♥
I remember last year at this time, GD released his solo album. ♥♥
Can’t believe it’s been a year already!! “Heartbreaker” still seems like a new song to me. xDD

Kekeke~ Just like all the other idols I like on their birthday……..PICTURE SPAM! ♥♥


^ Oh god! SO HOTT! :DD



FT Island releases comeback single name and picture! ♥

August 18, 2010

Omg. Omg. Omg.

It’s been said that FT Island‘s comeback single would be Beautiful Journey. ♥ and they recenlty released their picture for their coming second mini single~

From Allkpop

On the 18th, the boys revealed their album cover photo which can be viewed above. The teaser for their upcoming music video will be revealed on the 23rd, followed by the release of their mini-album and music video on the 25th. The album will sell offline starting on the 26th.

FNC Music stated, “Throughout the year of FT Island’s absence, they were able to learn more things to perform even better. Their new music will be very diverse, and fans will be able to see a more mature side of the group.”

We Primadonnas have been waiting for so long! >W< Omg. *spazes*

Kekeke~ I can see Jaejin! ♥ I have to say…in the picture, Seunghyun‘s pose is so sexy. xDD
I love guys in suites ! >W<

I wonder if their song is gonna be their romantic ballads like “After Love” or something more upbeat and happy like “I Hope”? :3
I really want them to sing those sad touching ballads again. >W<
BUT all well I love whatever Hongki sings and whatever FT island preforms. ^^

Mark your calenders Primadonnas! FT ISLAND ISH COMING BACKK! ♥♥